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Congratulations! It sounds like you’ve decided to take your game to the next level and we’re happy to let you know you’re in the right place :)

This transformational experience has been designed to PROPEL you to your soul’s highest timeline.

We are excited AF to take you on a spiritual journey of a lifetime where you will dissolve limiting beliefs, artificial programs, & energetic patterns that are holding you back from being your most powerful, most authentic, most joyful, most abundant self!

We look forward to playing with you in this field of infinite possibilities!

A world of magic awaits!

See you soon ;)

With all our love,
EldoRa & Siman

Pricing & Payment Options

***All payments are non-refundable. In the unlikely event of cancellation at our end due to (and not limited to) airport closures, lockdowns, etc, your deposit is safe in credit with us for a future retreat in Costa Rica by February, 2022

“May the investment you make in yourself amplify the joy, abundance, and excitement in your life exponentially!”

The investment for this powerful experience,
limited to only 18 participants, is USD 4444
This event is now SOLD OUT!!
The following payment options are available for those who have confirmed their spots already!

The “Pre-Purge”

It is extremely common to experience INTENSE resistance once you say YES (or even maybe) to an experience like this. You may experience feelings of doubt, anticipation, nervousness, or even deep-seated fear, unworthiness, abundance triggers, or other more shadowy reactions. You could even feel all of that at once!

This is normal and is no indication of your readiness or “fit” for this journey.

When we take active steps toward our own positive evolution, our egos create any number of stories, fears, anxieties, and concerns in order to keep us “safe”. This is our ancient reptilian brain in action, and there has never been a more fitting time to reprogram that brain.

You might hear things in your own mind like:

  • I don’t have what it takes
  • I am not cool enough or strong enough to take this journey
  • The group isn’t going to like me/ I won’t like the group
  • Who am I to do this kind of thing? I don’t deserve this!
  • I am not worthy of being treated with this level of love and respect
  • Spending this much money on myself triggers my abundance blocks
  • I am afraid that I’ll come back a totally different person

This is a sign that the transformation has already begun. Your deepest resistances, fears, and shadows are coming to light for the purpose of healing; so that you can begin to live a new story.

The path to evolution isn’t all rainbows ️ and unicorns… but it IS an absolutely ecstatic journey. And we can assure you that


Can you lean into trust that you are safe? That you are worthy of this kind of loving support? That you are worth investing in?

We will connect as a group by video prior to departure so that you have a chance to meet each other, get a feel for each other’s energies, and allay any concerns that you are going to somehow be the “uncool kid”. We are a merry band of misfits ;) You’ll fit right in ;)

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