Awaken to Tantra

REPLAY: Awaken to Tantra with Tantric Masters Ali & Rafa


We are THRILLED to bring to you a LIVE “AWAKENING TO TANTRA” Workshop with Tantric Masters, Ali & Rafa, to help you connect to your body’s inner wisdom and open up the sensory pathways to optimal energy flow.


In this workshop we will:


– Dive into a discussion between EldoRa & Siman and Ali & Rafa on common blocks to intimacy and a deeper understanding of SACRED Tantra


– Ali & Rafa will then take you on a tantric conscious meditation journey to connect with your body in a whole new way, where you will feel the Nourishing FREEDOM of tapping into your Divine Sexual Energy and allowing it to Express through you. 


-You will find out what it means to live a TANTRIC LIFE and how Tantra can assist you in CONNECTING to your Body’s Inner Wisdom.



Ali and Rafa will be leading the group through guided experiences that will allow each individual to TRULY SEE THEMSELVES and move past the misconceptions of what LOVE and SEXUALITY “have to be.” 


Join Soul Family members in developing skills to EXPAND your capacity to CONNECT and let go of limiting beliefs, fears and blocks that may be suppressing your Divine Sensual Energy. 


It is time that we RECLAIM our Sacred Sexuality and fully Embody the multifaceted Beings that we are. Our society has conditioned us to view Intimacy and Sexuality as taboo topics because the TRUTH is that THIS is the hidden KEY. 





✨ Any incense and candle 


✨ A private space where you will not be disturbed for the duration of this workshop. We recommend that you find babysitting for your children, and make it known that you are UNAVAILABLE for this time 🙂


✨ A full length mirror is ideal, if not a hand mirror will do.


✨ Your Excitement, and playfulness 🙂


✨ We recommend that you wear something sensual (this is not mandatory)- anything that makes you FEEL GOOD and connects you to your sensuality. This is going to help you go even deeper in your sensory journey.



We will have Lightworkers dialing in from ALL OVER THE WORLD! This is going to be a lot of FUN, and we’re excited to connect on this very powerful topic of reclaiming the sacredness of our bodies, and the POWERFUL Wisdom that is available deep within.



With Love,

EldoRa & Siman ❤️

“Unlock your Fullest Potential by going beyond the status quo and uncovering the sacredness that lies WITHIN you.”