Welcome to the ✨New Earth Mystery School✨

Dearest Soul,

Welcome to the New Earth Mystery School (NEMS)! We are so happy to include you amongst our top ascension students that have answered the call to walk the highest path of a soul’s evolution, the path of self mastery.

By saying YES to NEMS, you have declared to the universe “I choose to live in alignment with my Soul’s Highest Purpose and Ascend in this lifetime!”

This path is not for everyone. YOU are among the rare individuals that have chosen to lead the way through this physical ascension to help anchor in the codes of 5D New Earth so that everyone may live a life of unconditional love, abundance and bliss. You have chosen to be a wayshower and a master which will QUANTUM LEAP you into a life beyond your grandest dreams. This is how miracles occur – one step at a time.

We are excited for you to walk with us as we empower you with the many teachings, energy attunements, healings, and Activations that will assist you throughout your life as you consistently shift and uplevel in powerful ways!

We recommend making NEMS a part of your monthly regiment of Soul Expansion and Energy hygiene/ calibration; this is an ongoing journey as we guide you on your journey from Human to Superhuman.

You will have access to ongoing LIVE as well as previously recorded events as a subscribed member of the New Earth Mystery School.

We are OVERJOYED to see you embark on this journey of self-exploration, self-healing, and MASSIVE transformation. 💞

We look forward to connecting with you. Please let us know if you have any questions by writing to us at info@nems.love

With All Our Love,
EldoRa & Siman ❤️

May this investment you make in yourself, amplify by a thousand fold, your well-being, abundance, and highest joy. And so it is!

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Message us if you have questions about upcoming events or if you are a professional facilitator looking to collaborate with us for NEW EARTH MYSTERY SCHOOL or in-person events. Due to the high volume of emails, we will only be responding to pertinent messages.