Raising Consciousness and Healing the Entire Universe: Shifting from 3D – 5D


Different dimensions are defined by consciousness and vibration. Though Earth is mostly 3D at this time, higher dimensions exist within the Earth plane as well. You can be operating from a different dimension than someone who is right beside you, and this is a common occurrence. You will know when you are interacting with someone who is not operating in the same dimension as you because they will not understand you, hear you, or see you for who you are. There are ways to raise your vibration, align to your soul’s path and ascend to higher dimensions. This blog will provide an overview of what 3D, 4D, and 5D are, how to shift dimensions, and why it is imperative. For a deeper understanding, watch this video: 3D to 5D A Shift in Consciousness


3D, 4D, and 5D are Levels of Consciousness


There are multiple dimensions within our universe, and to shift between dimensions is to shift consciousness. Third dimensional consciousness reflects the predominant way of life on Earth right now. It is often called the 3D matrix as well because Earth is a frequency controlled prison. This matrix is controlled with slavery, duality, density, and low vibrations such as greed, hate, jealousy, and bitterness. Mostly everyone can relate to 3D family dynamics, which are unconscious, harmful, and usually keep us trapped in a low vibration. The programming we receive as children from our families and communities instill the belief systems we hold that often limit our lives and creates imbalances. Quite often people are full of subconscious guilt and blame, unresolved trauma and negative self images as a result of their upbringing. All of these unresolved issues affect you on all levels of your being. All 3D trauma follows this path:

  •     It will show up within your energy field – at this level it is easy to clear.
  •     If the trauma is not cleared energetically, it will show up within your mental body; it will affect your thoughts – at this level it can still be cleared pretty easily.
  •     Unresolved trauma that is not cleared in the mental body will show up emotionally – at this point it starts to get harder to clear.
  •     Lastly, the unresolved trauma will manifest into a physical ailment, pain or disease – now it is solidified within your entire being and so it becomes much more difficult to clear.

Humanity is awakening out of the 3D lull as more and more individuals are actively choosing a healthier way of life, and making conscious choices.



The Fourth Dimension operates as a portal between 3D and 5D. Through the 4D portal, you begin questioning your life and belief systems. You begin to realize who you really are on a soul level, start harmonizing your ego, and clearing trauma. Only your soul can pass through this portal.


The Fifth Dimension is an operating system of a higher consciousness. Aspects of 5D include:

  •     Unconditional love
  •     Unity consciousness
  •     Heart-centeredness
  •     Balance and harmony
  •     Connected to Source
  •     Heaven on Earth


Shifting to Higher Dimensions Requires Commitment and Consistency


As you shift to higher dimensional frequencies, you are required to process your unresolved trauma, harmonize your ego, and embody your Higher Self. You are adapting to a new way of being, an approach to living that utilizes surrender and moves away from control. In some instances, this healing path is motivated by life changing events such as: near death experience, loss of a loved one, or meeting your soulmate.


Helpful tips to raise your vibration and shift to higher dimensions:

  •     Practice stillness and slow down (this will allow you to be receptive to guidance)
  •     Listen and act on the guidance you receive
  •     Prioritize rest
  •     Be fully present in the moment
  •     Conscious breathing
  •     Go with the flow vs. resistance
  •     Honor your whole being (take care of your body, mind, and spirit)
  •     Maintain a neutral perspective
  •     Outsource for your healing needs when necessary –  quantum healing, shamanic healing, or any healing modality you resonate with
  •     Practice forgiveness for yourself and others
  •     Transmute your pain into love
  •     Intuitive eating
  •     Stand in your power (do not tolerate disrespect or manipulation in your life)
  •     Address intimacy blocks and trauma to connect with your partner in a powerful way (deep mutual love and respect)



What to avoid to stay on an ascending trajectory:

  •     Judgment of self and others
  •     Expectations
  •     Ungratitude
  •     Worry
  •     Lack mindset
  •     Victim mode
  •     Attachments to 3D


The Purpose of Shifting Consciousness is To Heal


The point of shifting to higher dimensions is to heal. When you heal, you are able to reclaim your true self. You know who the fuck you are! Your healing sends ripples out into the universe, and you heal those around you, your ancestors, those yet to come, our beautiful loving planet, our galaxy and beyond. The wayshowers of the ascension path are essentially leaving bread crumbs for others to follow. The most miniscule amount of healing you do sends echoes out that reach the farthest reaches of time and space. It is no small feat and as a starseed or Lightworker you are divinely protected at all times. You have angels, galactic family, ascended masters, and powerful beings of light cheering you on and assisting you, for you are a part of the grand plan, the long awaited shift from darkness.


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