Ray, Connecticut

EldoRa and Siman’s ‘Shift into 5D Costa Rica Retreat’ in February 2021 was an inflection point for me that turned out to change the trajectory of my life’s path. My Ascension work started in 2010, and though I worked for many years with a skilled local Energy Healer there were some persistent energy blocks in my field and path that we were going in circles trying to clear The advanced healing techniques that EnS had at their disposal at the retreat, from advanced implant removals to shamanic breathwork ceremonies, proved to be the keys to unlocking the Kingdom of Light within my multi-dimensional beingness. Our group of 18 brave Warriors of Light blazed through all the travel restrictions to convene in EnS’ Vortex of Divine Light in the Costa Rican jungle. I was blown away to see the reunited retreat group for Solstice in Miami at the House of Ra Event, tangibly acknowledging our collective advancement on the Ascension pathway by leaps and bounds in a matter of just a few months The Shaman of Sound, Siman – receiving his healings and activations when he’s in shaman-mode is the greatest gift one can allow themselves to receive. The meditations, ceremonies and events are masterfully led by EldoRa. The healings and activations you receive from her are the perfect Divine Feminine component that completes the perfected blueprint of balance and mastery. When these two channel Metatron, ISIS and Melchizedek into the walking vortex that they are, you will experience a kind of magic in your life that you only dreamed of!!

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