Connecting with your Spirit Guides & Higher Self


These have been exciting times full of change and new energy! We’re feeling the momentum and are constantly expanding into new areas . and are so excited to share with you all of the offerings that we have to help you achieve Superhuman potential!!



The art of clearly receiving GUIDANCE from your personal team of Guides is one of the greatest and most sought-after strengths you can build as you navigate your life’s Journey. It’s like having a special ops army, constantly surveying all angles and timelines and whispering in your ear the best path to take



And when you can’t hear that whisper, you feel so lost and confused, and that lack of clarity can make us run in circles. Or it can make us feel stuck and not take any action and we feel like we’re waiting for something, but not sure what it is.



Your Guides, Angels, and Galactic teams are always cheering you on and you can feel their joy as you journey through your path.



Are you following a spiritual teacher and see how easily they can channel on the SPOT? How many stories have you heard of people who say “I was pulled” or “I felt Guided” to go a new direction or talk with this person or start a huge successful project?



As you begin to develop a relationship with your internal guidance system, life becomes a magical playground where you are connected to All That Is. Life changes and big decisions feel effortless, your anxiety dissipates and you feel the loving support of the Universe.



At some stage in your life, you may feel or have felt communicating with your Guides was an impossible talent that some naturally possessed and other’s simply couldn’t.


Well, I have good news! The Truth is we ALL can channel and receive messages from our Guides and Higher Self. It actually isn’t hard at all once you know how it works.



We are thrilled to announce we teach how to connect with your Guidance in the New Earth Mystery School!  This is a two-part, fun and interactive, LIFE-CHANGING workshop, we’ll give you the FULL breakdown of how to communicate with your Guides on a daily basis with tangible tips and techniques you can practice anywhere. AND, we will also be facilitating a powerful Lightbody & Channeling Chakra Activation to integrate all that you learn from part one and further strengthen that connection to Source.



We are teaching you everything we know on the subject, as well as activating your higher chakras to make this process easier. It is our intention that over the weeks and months to follow, you will enjoy regular communication with your spirit guides that will help you navigate this third density reality with heightened ease and grace.



This offering is for ALL levels of Awakened Souls, from beginner to advanced, as you will absorb the information, Lightcodes, and Activations meant for your level of Consciousness.



We look forward to seeing you very soon. Let’s get the party started!!


Message us if you have questions about upcoming events or if you are a professional facilitator looking to collaborate with us for NEW EARTH MYSTERY SCHOOL or in-person events. Due to the high volume of emails, we will only be responding to pertinent messages.

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