This course is suitable for spiritual seekers of all levels from beginner to advanced

Day 1

  • Anatomy of the Merkaba Light body in a lecture format with slides and diagrams
  • What is the Merkaba and how can we utilize its infinite potential to become a Manifestation/Abundance Master?
  • How to activate your higher spiritual guidance
  • Guided Healing session with Siman and our Metatronic Light technicians to REPAIR, HEAL and ACTIVATE your Merkaba.

Day 2

  • How to Program and Command your Merkaba
  • Higher Self Attunement – A guided higher-self-merger journey led by EldoRa Merkaba
  • Activation led by Siman with Metatronic Light Technicians Guided
  • Astral Journey to Sirius-B led by EldoRa to meet with the “Royal Guard of Sirius-B” and receive Spiritual Activations from them.

Total Duration: 11.9 hours

Recommended to complete in 2-3 days

* The replay gives you LifeTime Access to the full event – Starseed Activation 2-22-22 Christed Portal

"I want to share a little bit of my story. You are both extremely powerful and the healing I got from the ceremony was unmatched. Eldora your words resonated deeply inside of me and I never cried so much with such intention. I knew it was past life’s traumas. One of the main reason why my husband and I came to Solstice was for me to heal my sacred chakra from my past life traumas and I definitely did that thanks to you and your amazing healing. Side story while this was happening to me, my 2 year old daughter in Vegas was complaining of pain in her lower tummy and sacral area, she was feeling my pain and everything went back to normal as soon I got the healing…we were connected even from 1000s of miles away. Thank you so much for all you do, I just want to say how grateful we are of you guys ❤️" - Katia
"I wanted to let you know about an amazing occurrence I had at the Solstice Ceremony. I had been dealing with a certain issue with my ribs for months. When we all joined hands and started to meditate, I felt the front of my chest start to feel like it was expanding and full of electric energy. At first I thought it was just my imagination, but then it stayed there the entire time while we were meditating together. I didn’t dare let go of the chain and just trusted that it was divine healing coming in to me as I asked it to. By the end of the night, all the pain I had in this one particular spot had disappeared and has remained gone since then. I truly believe it was all of us together, divine energy, our healing intention, & your powerful command of the meditation that allowed this to occur. Thank you so much for bringing all of us together, this was truly a profound experience for me" - Michelle Kaplan
"I just wanted to say how life changing the 222 event was for me. I’ve always struggled to manifest but since doing the event this has changed unbelievably. I’ve been looking for a new job for months!! 3 days after the course I got a new job paying much more than my current job. Also I’ve been single for years and today I was drawn to someone and we ended up swapping numbers. It feels like everything has changed for me. Thank you, Eldora and Siman, so much❤️ It feels like finding out about the Merkaba and repairing it has been the missing link for me. Thank you and for being inspiring role models xoxoxo!" - Sharon

Equinox Cord Cutting Ritual

with AA Michael

Release stale energetic tethers, hooks, and ATTACHMENTS that are keeping you in recursive LOOPS and Negative Patterns

Expand your heart chakra, and release heaviness

Get infused with Christed Light Frequencies and ACTIVATE your DORMAT DNA

Total Duration: 4.38 hours

* The replay gives you LifeTime Access to the full event – Cord Cutting Ceremony with AA Michael and Shamanic Cacao Ceremony.

Equinox Cord Cutting Ritual

with AA Michael

Heart-activating CACAO Ceremony
HATHOR Crystal Bowl Sound Healing

MARCH 20 | 2-6:30PM EST


* The replay gives you LifeTime Access to the full event – Cord Cutting Ceremony with AA Michael and Shamanic Cacao Ceremony.

Meet Your Hosts

Eldora & Siman are a Soulmate Couple and Internationally Renowned Ascension Coaches, Metatronic Healers, Angelic Channels, and Earth Guides. They are here to play an Instrumental Role in Humanity’s Ascension and have dedicated their lives to Assist Souls Awaken to their Divine Purpose on Earth.

Their YouTube Channel “EldoRa & Siman” has gained an international audience with over 2M views within a short span of two years. They are Founders of the Melchizedek Rose Mystery School, which offer spiritual seekers the next level of curriculum for advanced mastery.

Their Conscious DANCE company, “House of RA”, is creating a movement, world-wide, by bringing kindred souls together to ANCHOR Love, Light, Abundance, Peace, and Harmony into the grids of Gaia as well as all of our own personal lives. EldoRa (A.K.A. ‘RA Child’) and Siman (A.K.A ‘Siman RA’) are the resident DJ’s of House of RA. Their celebrations have been uniting Starseeds and Lightworkers through music, sober dancing, heart-connection, Quantum Healing Workshops, DNA Activations, and Ceremony around the world. Their EPIC Deep-House music sets broadcast an angelic 432 Hz Christed-frequency that invokes a transcendental heart-opening experience for music revelers.


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