Cord Cutting with ArchAngel Michael


Cords are stale energetic tethers, hooks, and attachments that keep you in repeating LOOPS and negative self sabotaging patterns. In this Angelic Cord-Cutting Ceremony and Entity removal, assisted by Archangel Michael, Lady Faith and Angelic Light Technicians, we will assist you in releasing these tethers that are holding you back on your ascension path.

In this powerful workshop you will also experience a Shamanic Cacao Medicine Ceremony to expand your heart chakra and release deep heaviness from lifetimes of trauma AND be induced with Christed light frequencies that will awaken dormant DNA through a channeled light language transmission and sound healing with Multi-Dimensional 24 Carat Gold Plated Hathor Crystal Bowls.

You will feel tangibly lighter after this procedure as we will be releasing centuries worth of limiting programming.

What You Will Experience

  • You will be welcomed into a beautiful ceremonial etheric temple set up for our soul family group by our Angels in the higher realms
  • In a guided transformational Cord Cutting Ceremony, you will be shown all the baggage you have been subconsciously carrying for LIFETIMES and be empowered with powerful tools and techniques to safely release it
  • In a facilitated group psychic surgery assisted by AA Michael and his Light Technicians, Negative Energetic Cords and Attachments, Implants, J-Seals, entities, as well as patterns of trauma will be extracted from your Soul Matrix
  • This will be followed by a heart-activating guided Shamanic Cacao Ceremony which will help integrate all the healing frequencies
  • Finally, rest and receive a soul rejuvenating 24-Carat Gold Plated HATHOR Crystal Bowl Sound Healing experience to INFUSE you with Christed Light Frequencies and activate dormant strands of your DNA

What you will need for this experience

  • Cacao powder (available in your organic grocery store), milk alternative and sweetener of your choice
  • A peaceful meditative space where you will not be disturbed
  • (Optional) A small table where you will build your ceremonial space and white sage, crystals & your personal sacred altar items

Cord Cutting with Archangel Michael



The cord cutting session has been a success beyond belief. I have felt unconditional since then and have a very strong heart space. Amazingly powerful, it fully stopped my need to smoke. Thank you for making the ceremony available for a lifetime. Looking forward to the next cord cutting session with different cords to cut. Wonderful tips. Thank you ❤️


Words can’t describe the entire event experience! The FLOOD of Tears could have filled my tub. I could feel the Pain & Heaviness in my Chakras, and this helped me to identify where I was connected to them. During the ceremony, I treasured having the assistance of AA Michael and his sword, as well as Lady Faith. Felt so protected. I am now completely at peace. Thank you! 🙏🏻💖💫🤗

-Coach Cathy

I was guided to cut a cord with my daughter. I resisted but Pleadians told me I had to and she said “mom I love you so much. You have to”. She was guiding me through the whole time. I’ve never felt a frequency so high while awake. I was trembling & twitching throughout my body. I’m different now but I feel so earthy and loving. Thank you Eldora and Siman!


Just Amazing! The biggest cord I cut was with the old me!!! I’ve been feeling the tug to purge and release to make space for “new energy”!! I AM now in full surrender to the divine plan! Thank you both soo much for this LEGENDARY Equinox Cord Cutting Ceremony. It was so magical getting to experience it with ALL OF YOU!!! INFINITE LOVE AND GRATITUDE!!!


From the moment I signed up for the Cord Cutting I have been faced with different childhood wounds, feelings of being unseen, unheard with people from my past. But during the meditation I could finally feel so much love beaming from me to them. My inner child is in full blossom because it is finally free and it is thanks to both of you guys! Thank you!


Thank you for hosting this BEAUTIFUL event! ❤️ After that my day was magical! I was seeing and experiencing my life through a new lens. So many teachings and messages were being presented to me everywhere I looked and I could feel the shift from old me to new me taking place. The MOTHER CORD especially has been showing me a lot. I felt SO HELD and SO UPLIFTED!



When will I receive the links to the Cord Cutting Workshop?

You will receive the links to the workshop via email in the first 10 minutes after purchase using the email you used to register. If you do not see the email, please check the spam folders. If the email is not there, please send an email to

How long is this workshop? Do I have to do this all at once?

The workshop is 4.5 hours long. You can take breaks between the sections for integration or as your time permits. This is your journey and you can choose how you proceed. Just make a commitment to yourself. This is for YOU.

What level of student is this event for? I’m just beginning my spiritual journey - will this workshop be too advanced for me?

The Cord Cutting Ritual is recommended for ALL Lightworkers, Empaths, Starseeds, Crystals, Rainbows, and anyone who is on their Awakening Path no matter what level they are at.

I don’t have Cacao. Will this be a problem?

Cacao is a super-food that has been used for centuries in indigenous circles to help heal heart-wounds, enhance mental clarity and creativity and anchor peaceful energy. If you don’t have access to cacao to make a cacao drink, you can use a dark chocolate bar - 70% cacao or higher - and slowly savor a piece of it.

How old does a child have to be to participate with me?

While this event is not geared towards children, any child of any age who is organically attracted to attend it will receive immense healing and activations from this experience. It is important NOT to force children and instead honor their free will in regards to attending this event or not. Let them go at their own pace.

It is important to create and maintain a sacred and peaceful space for yourself where you will not be disturbed. If you feel that your child(ren) may become a cause for distraction, then we highly recommend making arrangements to have them looked after so you can be free to fully absorb the frequencies of this portal.

How often can I repeat this workshop?

You can repeat this anytime you feel that you need to cut cords with people, events, energies in your life that are keeping you stuck in repeated patterns or are holding you back. It is advisable that you repeat this multiple times so that you can focus on one or two aspects of your life at a time. Just be sure to integrate the energy between viewings.

When was the live workshop held? Will this recording be just as powerful?

The workshop was held on the powerful and potent March Equinox 2022 portal with the assistance of the Angel, Archangels, Ascended Masters, and many divine and galactic guides. All of the energy and frequencies are encoded into the recording and can be tapped into anytime the recording is watched. We exist in a quantum reality, not linear time and space as we have been taught. You will feel the power of this event as if you were present when it was recorded.

Will my purchase expire?

You have lifetime access to this workshop.

Is my purchase refundable?

No, all sales are final.

What currency is used when shopping on this website?

The prices shown are in USD.


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