Returning to Zero Point: a state of pure potentiality


In these few years, we have grown and evolved significantly. So much has taken place that we are being asked to pause and reflect, returning to zero point.


Zero Point is the point of no movement, a state of pure potentiality. It is the point where all matter and energy converge. When we return to Zero Point, we return to the pure state of energy, where everything is possible. It is a place of harmony, balance, and stillness. It is a reset, an opportunity to clear away all that no longer serves us and to embody more of our true selves.


We live in a world of constant movement, distractions, and noise. We are bombarded by external stimuli that keep us from connecting to our innermost selves. Returning to Zero Point allows us to disconnect from the external world and tune into our inner world. It is a moment of stillness that enables us to realign with our true nature and shift our perspective to a more positive and abundant one.


It is necessary to take this time to harmonize and embody more of the higher-dimensional frequencies that are streaming in as we continue to walk our path of self-mastery and merge with our higher selves.



But, how do you return to zero point? Different people may have different techniques, but some common methods include mindfulness practices such as meditation, yoga, journaling, or spending time in nature. These practices can help you slow down become more present, and tune into your inner voice. Other practices such as energy healing are extremely helpful and will shift a lot.


We have done a powerful healing workshop in which many who have attended this powerful healing received massive recalibration of their body. This healing took place on a quantum level and brought such healing to everyone’s light bodies that there were massive shifts and breakthroughs after.


The “RETURN TO ZERO POINT” Quantum Healing and Activation, we teach in the New Earth Mystery School,  is a powerful tool that can help you realign with your true self and empower you to create the life you desire. It is an opportunity to release any limitations or blockages that keep you from embodying your true self and to activate your higher self’s guidance and wisdom.


You deserve to live your best life, and the “RETURN TO ZERO POINT” Quantum Healing and Activation can help you do just that.


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