~ Channel the Quantum Codes of the Multiverse ~

Activate your light language

The Language of Light is your Soul’s most unique blueprint. It is the expression of Source vibrating through your DNA, and creates a harmonic resonance that is uniquely yours.

Light Language is a powerful Ascension tool that can be used to channel healing frequencies, to connect you with your Soul’s highest blueprint, to unlock dormant strands within your DNA to reach higher potentials. It can even be used as a portal to connect with the frequency of your Star family ❤️

Light Language helps :

  • activate your psychic and ESP’s (extra sensory perceptions) to heighten states of awareness
  • strengthen your connection with Source and activate pathways that help you access knowledge and wisdom from the Universal mind
  • your Ego to step aside where your higher self fully takes over and the frequency that flows is a divine transmission that transcends space and time through energetic pulsations that travel in quantum waves

Light Language instantly allows your conscious mind to subside and give way to the purest frequency of your Soul as it resonates through your unified heart chakra.

Presenting ‘Activate Your Light Language”, a transformative Workshop in co-creation with Light Language Expert, Channel, Life Coach and Therapist - Grethel Borrego. Grethel is also the Creator of Encoded Frequency, an Online Community for Starseeds.

What You will Receive in this Workshop:

  • What is Light Language, and benefits of Light Language on your Ascension journey
  • Five practical and easy steps to activate and practice the Language of Your Soul
  • A Light Language ACTIVATION
  • Practice of Your Light Language in a group setting
lotusimgBy the end of this workshop, you will have ACTIVATED your Unique Light Language Blueprint and your Galactic DNA Templates.

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Feed your mind and soul with the food that it needs to transform your life with the full Catalog of past NEMS Gold and Silver events to watch again and again (It’s better than Netflix!)


Manifest your dreams into reality with our collection of meditations in the NEMS Meditation Library


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Your environment is reflected by the company you keep, which is why we have a lively and engaging private NEMS only community of hundreds of lightworkers across the world

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I'm in so much gratitude & inner trust & joy... I have followed Eldora & Siman since 2020 . As the New Earth mystery School launched I began to experience great lack & resistance & a feeling of not having love anymore. I distanced myself but still yearned to be connected. I dived very deep into lack, no self worth to where I felt I was losing myself. 💔 . On March 20th I was given a clear energetic push to join this family. It didn't matter that "I can't afford it" I'll never be able to afford it if I don't invest in myself. I joined as soon as I got the guidance as it was so incredibly strong. It is March 30th today & I can't believe how transformative these last 10 days have been. I feel so much self love, so supported from such an AMAZING soul family & devoted teachers. I feel I have finally created a space to build a strong relationship with my guides. I always knew they were there but now they are presenting themselves all the time. I also yesterday, was given an unexpected raise at my place of employment that covers my NEMs investment & a little more! For the first time ever I feel like I am authentically experiencing true joy & peace from my heart, it brings me to happy tears.... I remember hearing Eldora say so many times... invest in yourself & the universe will as well. It is magical when you actually put action to those words. THANK YOU Eldora, Siman & soul family✨️


I am now a Gold Member !!!! I can’t believe it I finally did it! :) This is probably one of the best decisions of my life, Ascension journey. I have been participating, spectating your YouTube videos for about a year and a half now, something like that. Every Lionsgate something intense always happens and it was right around a lions gate portal time of the year Spirit guided me to ‘the House of RA’, you guys. I have been on my healing journey, doing some deep ass work…lol…. For about 20 years now. The first time I sought guidance in the physical was when I was about 30. I am 42 now. Not to talk shit, but that guidance just added to the traumas. Regardless I’m thankful. And it took a lot of hard work to be thankful for it. I learned Discernment. This is the first time joining a spirit circle, family since then. Anyways, I have watched many videos, and I have to say…. Every single one of them has been a huge healing experience on my journey. I’ve done more healing inside myself with your guidance videos, than probably any other shaman, psychic, healer, or guide that I’ve gone to. No joke. I am honored, excited and turning inside out sitting here to know that I am now a part of the Gold membership with the New Earth Mystery school of Eldora and Siman . I did it!!! :):):) woooosh!


I am deeply thankful for cord cutting healing we received during new moon ceremony 🙏 I needed this 😊 My mind was not completely silenced during the healing, trying to analyze what was happening, but I can feel healing's effects on me today very tangibly, I feel so much lighter and at peace 😇 I saw thick layers of cords mostly around my heart and solar plexus area, like leather straps, and there was a massive very thick cord going down from my neck along my spine down. I was really shocked to see it, my mind was telling me I am imagining. Archangel Michael held my hands when he approached me, and I felt my arm tingling and moving slightly when he was holding my shoulder and sending healing to my body. The cords became lighter in colour and slowly dissolved, cut off and fell off me. It was so releasing. After the healing my whole body was so hot, almost sweating, when the room was actually cold. It made me realize that something really happened. I loved seeing violet flame around burning all the cords ❤️ I can still see and feel in my mind all the spirit guides and angels being in my presence during ceremony and cheering me up, it was so encouraging, sacred and beautiful ❤️ 🥰 🤗


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I'm in a different timezone/ what if I am not available during the transmission? Is it equally potent if I do the replay?

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