Equinox Cord Cutting Replay

Equinox Cord Cutting Replay

Equinox Cord Cutting Replay

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Adult Cord Cutting Ritual

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SPOUSE/CHILD ADD-ON (Cord Cutting Ritual)
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Event FAQs

Will the entire event be via a phone call or a LIVE video call?

The entire event will be a LIVE VIDEO CALL in which EnS will be teaching and facilitating workshops/ healings/ teachings & activations LIVE.

I just bought my ticket. When will I receive my ZOOM link to access the meeting?

The Zoom Access Linki for this event will be emailed to all ticket holders a few days prior to the event from info@eldoraandsiman.love. Please ensure this email address has been added to your 'Safe Contact List' and check your spam in case you have not heard from us by Feb 18th at the latest.

I live in Australia and may not be able to attend LIVE due to the time difference. Will I be able to attend this event through the REPLAY?

Yes. All ticket holders will be sent a link to the event to watch the replay and receive all healing and activations from this portal.

Is my ticket refundable?

No, all sales are final.

Can I share my ticket with friends and family or do they need to purchase their own ticket?

This is a single-person-ticket. However, you are welcome to share a ticket between yourself and your spouse (meaning you purchase just 1 ticket for you and your spouse to attend). Any other friends or family will need to purchase their own ticket.

Can my children attend this event with me?

While this event is not geared towards children, any children who are organically attracted to attend it will receive immense healing and activations from this experience. It is important NOT to force children and instead honor their free will in regards to attending this event or not. Let them go at their own pace.

How do I need to prepare for this event?

Attending this Ceremony with EnS is similar to a Galactic Ayahuasca Ceremony due to the powerful beings of Light that will be surrounding us and working with us. A 3 day cleanse prior to the event is highly recommended and is going to take the experience to the next level for you :) In that 3-day period, we recommend a clean diet with lots of veggies, fruits, clean water and completely avoiding meat, alcohol, and dense food.

How long do I have access to the replays?

The replays will be accessible for two weeks after the event, to ticket holders only.

What level of student is this event for? I’m just beginning my spiritual journey - will this workshop be too advanced for me?

This course is recommended for ALL Starseeds, Lightworkers, Empaths, Crystals, Rainbows, and anyone who is on their Awakening Path. It will benefit you tremendously, no matter what level of spiritual awareness you are at, from beginner to advanced.

Event Schedule Details

  • March 20, 2022 2:00 pm   -   December 31, 2040 11:59 pm

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