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Protect Yourself from Dark Entity Attacks: A Guide to Spiritual Empowerment

Bible and swordIn recent times, there has been a significant surge in dark entity invasions within the Collective. Instead of succumbing to fear, it is crucial to understand these forces and their impact on our lives. By gaining awareness, we can make empowered choices that align with our mission, purpose, and highest self so that you can live a happy, healthy and purposeful life with grace and ease. In this post, we will shed light on the rise of malicious energies, their effects on individuals, and offer practical steps to protect oneself from these attacks.


The Threat of Dark Entities


As humanity awakens to the truth that our reality encompasses more than what we have been led to believe, powerful energies seek to control and enslave us in fear. Since the beginning of 2023, these energies have grown in intensity as the light has grown and people have chosen to live a different way. Your personal resonance – the frequency you emit with your thoughts, words and actions – can act as a shield or make you vulnerable to attack and manipulation. Dark entities can find entry points into your energy fields through lower vibrational thoughts, feelings and behaviors such as addiction, condemnation, envy, fear, tension, trauma, uneasiness, guilt, shame, and jealousy. The more prevalent these vibrations in your daily life, the greater the risk of allowing these entities to affect you negatively.


Recognizing the Signs of Entity Attachments


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Feeling persistently down, sad, depressed, lethargic, unbalanced, or emotionally volatile is not normal. Society has conditioned us to normalize such behavior and even encourages us to share with one another how “hard” life is and stay feeling stuck, because this makes it easier for humanity to be controlled. But now, with the realization of a greater reality, we are exposed to how we have been unwittingly feeding these entities. Even Lightworkers may unknowingly fall into imbalances in their thoughts, sentiments, and behaviors. The intensification of Ascension energies has divided humanity into two categories: those mastering their soul lessons and those struggling to do so.


Self-Reflection and Behavior Modification As Protection


To protect yourself from these devious schemes, it is vital to scrutinize your behaviors and release any low-frequency states such as discord, rumor-spreading, defamation, animosity, anxiety, lack of confidence, and unresolved childhood issues. Mindfully contemplating your ideas, speech, purposes, and conduct becomes more critical than ever before. Additionally, adopting habits like spending time in nature, consuming vibrant foods that ALIVE as opposed to processed food, drinking purified water, regular physical activity, seeking spiritual assistance to purify your Lightbody, meditation, and recognizing ego-driven temptations can elevate your state of being. You don’t have to be perfect, but you can always CHOOSE to make better choices.


Entity Removal as Spiritual Hygiene


Similar to maintaining personal hygiene through activities like showering and brushing teeth, clearing your Lightbody of entity attachments should be an essential part of your regular self-care routine. It is important to note that entity removal is not a one-time healing but requires repetition any low vibrational thought, speech, or action can invite these entities back in. As humanity transitions to the 5th dimension, it is normal to have moments of lower vibrational thoughts or feelings as this is part of being human on Earth and the work that we are doing to clear these frequencies from the collective. You don’t have to do this work alone. In our New Earth Mystery School (NEMS), we have guided numerous individuals through entity removals, empowering them to perform this necessary hygiene on their own.


Once, one of our NEMS members was highlighted to us and we realized that she needed a personal healing – which we very rarely do these days. We ended up removing a Dark Atlantian Overlord from that had been in her energy field for decades, keeping her down, and we helped it return to the light with love. It opened up a portal for many entities to leave the Earth grid and shifted timelines for humanity. You can watch a portion of that healing here.



Taking Control: Entity & Implant Removal Workshop:


If you are ready to cleanse your energetic field of negative entities, we highly recommend participating in the replay of the Entity & Implant Removal Workshop. This workshop can be repeated several times a year or whenever you experience a period of low energy. By engaging in this transformative experience, you will learn effective techniques to clear and shield yourself, ultimately leading to a sense of liberation, alignment, and connection with your higher self.


Embracing Love over Conflict:


Remember, the darkness thrives on conflict rather than love. In your daily life, when confronted with negative energy from others, it is wise to ignore it rather than escalate the situation further. We must acknowledge that the Universe possesses far greater capacity to handle karma than we do.


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