Precious EldoRa & Siman! Words can’t describe the entire event experience, but most deeply, the cord cutting ceremony! Profound tearing up my pages of names I had written during the Psychic Protection course. I hadn’t acted upon it then. God’s perfect timing! Your pre-cord cutting video several nights before 3/20, set me up to do some pre-work. During my evening bath, I had intimate moments with my key people on my list. The flood of tears could have filled my tub. I could feel the pain & heaviness in my chakras. Helped me to identify where I was connected to them. During the ceremony, I treasured having the assistance of AA Micheal and his sword, as well as Lady Faith. Felt so protected. I am now completely at peace when my cordees come to mind. Zero emotion. Simply peace! Such a joyful experience! Thank you! 🙏🏻💖💫🤗 Love you both so deeply! 💖


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