Activate Your Guidance to Develop a Relationship with Your Higher Self


Activating Guidance is essential and life-changing on a spiritual path. Guidance connects you with divine support that creates a life of ease and assists you to continue moving in the direction of your Soul’s paths. Guides are loving and supportive beings who have committed to assisting you during this lifetime, and every one of us has our own guides. There are ways to improve your connection with your Guides through healings, clearings, and practices.


Guidance is an Inner Knowing


Guidance, in the spiritual sense refers to the nudges, gut feelings, or intuition we all feel at one time or another. Everyone has Spirit Guides and some have a whole Guidance team. Connecting with your guidance gives you access to All That Is, thus providing you with information from a high level or big picture view. Guidance can come in the form of an inner knowing or feeling, or through synchronistic experiences in your everyday life. For instance, if you keep hearing the same phrase everywhere, on social media, overheard conversations, and on billboards, this is a nudge from your guides to pay attention to this particular phrase.


Your Guidance is a Powerful Navigation System


Now imagine this same person has recently started to receive guidance and has been building a trusting relationship with their guides. They start to receive nudges suggesting that they should choose to buy a bag of grapes instead of chips and they start to make better choices at the grocery store more consistently, filling their house with foods their body needs. They start to receive signs that they should take more care of their health, and maybe even start walking everyday, and bringing their snack to work rather than relying on what is available. When this person is guided to take better care of them because it is important to their life’s path, they are likely to take steps that they wouldn’t have without guidance, feel less resistance and eventually address the root cause of their habits, so they can create life long changes.


Your Guides are Unconditionally Loving


Guides are unconditionally loving beings who have signed up to offer support and guidance to soul’s during their Earthly incarnations.

Your guides can be:

  •     Spirits (loved ones, ancestors, animals)
  •     Ascended masters
  •     Angels
  •     Galactic family


Your Guidance is Felt, Heard, and Shown to You 


The ways that most people receive and hear Guidance is similar but can be different for everyone. Common ways Guidance is communicated:

  •     A gentle/ loving or powerful voice (telepathically or physically audible)
  •     Inner knowing (intuition, gut feeling)
  •     Synchronicities
  •     Dreams (during sleep and daydreams)

Some people use tools and techniques that can help them access their guidance such as tarot and oracle cards. A good practice is to view your reality as if every experience is a guiding message from the Universe, showing you where to focus, what direction to go or where you need to heal, clear, or let go.

Having a strong relationship with your guides is something you build, and like any relationship it is improved with trust, gratitude, respect and reciprocity. When you act on your guidance, this lets your guides know that you are listening to them and that their guidance is utilized and appreciated.

Another possible avenue for Guidance is through people in your life, whether they are family, friends, or spiritual guides online. In the New Earth Mystery School (NEMS) you can connect with like minded beautiful souls, lightworkers and starseeds, as well as EldoRa & Siman who are amazing Ascension guides. NEMS offers monthly workshops, healings, and Ascension support. Joining NEMS as a Gold member is one way to access the Activate Your Guidance Masterclass.


Activating your Guidance Through Spiritual Practices


Activating guidance is a process that can include energy clearings, higher chakra activations, slowing down with meditations and breathing exercises, setting intentions, and learning how to be in a relaxed state of surrender. Guidance can be improved with practices such as: automatic writing, using a pendulum, and EFT. All of these activation steps and tools are taught in-depth in this high-priority NEMS event. In this workshop, you will also be connected with your guides in a beautiful temple of light that you create during a powerful guided meditation.



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