Activating the Merkaba: Reclaiming Your Greatest Ascension Support


Humans are multidimensional beings. We are made up of four different bodies, including the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual. Within our spiritual bodies is where much of our untapped potential resides, and it is also referred to as our Light Body. The Merkaba is a part of our light body, though many people are not aware that the Merkaba even exists. It is humanity’s inherent right to know how to access the Merkaba because it is an essential instrument of ascension. The Merkaba offers powerful protection and support for light workers navigating their ascension path.


The Merkaba is Your LightBody


The Merkaba is a vital and powerful part of the human light body. The word itself when analyzed means: Mer = Light, Ka = Spirit, and Ba = Body. Knowledge of the Merkaba has been hidden from humanity for thousands of years because of its power to free humans from the frequency controlled prison of Earth. This knowledge has been explored and shared in the past by Leonardo da Vinci and more recently by Drunvalo Melchizadek, to name a few. If you are seeking this knowledge, activating the Merkaba in this lifetime is in your soul’s path.


The Merkaba is made up of two pyramids which have three sides. One pyramid points upwards and represents Heaven – masculine – sun and spins clockwise. The other pyramid points downwards and represents Earth – feminine and spins counter clockwise. This beautiful aspect of you contains the geometries of the entire universe and the blueprints for all of creation.

Humans are not the only sentient beings who have Merkabas – suns, stars, and planets do as well. Most of our human Merkabas were severely damaged during the fall of Atlantis 13,000 years ago. Now, as Earth shifts away from suffering to peace and freedom, we as humanity are ready to activate our light technologies that were lost. The Merkaba is directly linked to our ability to ascend to higher dimensions. It is the very vehicle which allows us to experience unity with Source and ascend in our physical bodies.


The Merkaba is Powered by Love, and can Only Be Accessed Through the Heart. 


Humanity has been Mind/Head centered for thousands of years, and heart-centered humans are a rarity. Living a heart-centered life means you have unconditional love for yourself and others, you genuinely care for others and cannot ignore the suffering around you. You also take responsibility for your life and do not project your trauma or pain onto others.

The following video is an enormous help in learning how to own your shadows.  Shadow Work: What are Triggers & 4 Steps to heal them FOREVER!!



Forgiveness for self and others is essential. You know everyone as other selves because through the Heart we access unity consciousness. Ego-based and duality mindsets become null and void when you operate from your heart.


Activating the Merkaba requires clearing the chakra system, pineal gland, prana tube, auric field and balancing the right and left hemispheres of the brain. The chakra system also needs to be balanced. There are a vast array of different healing modalities that can help with clearing and balancing the Light Body (eg. healing with crystals, energy healing, sacred medicines, and ceremony).


The following YouTube video is a quantum healing that will help clear your Light Body.



The lower chakras that represent survival, reproduction, and power have been mastered by Western society and need to be balanced with the upper chakras which represent love, expression, intuition, and spirituality. Between the lower and upper chakras is a wall or “Half Step” which is ultimately the ‘dark night of the soul’ or void that many of us experience. This can be a time of struggle and hardship and is a part of our soul lessons that we planned before incarnating on Earth in this lifetime. We are being called to face life’s challenges head on with a warrior spirit. The time of suppression and avoidance is over. A greater expression of our true selves is on the other side of this wall.


Benefits of an Activated Merkaba Will Transform Your Life 


A healthy activated Merkaba expands to sixty feet around you and is a brilliant light. It forms a powerful field of protection surrounding you and can be programmed to assist and support you in limitless ways.

In the Repair, Activate and Program Your Merkaba Course, not only do you learn how to activate and care for your Merkaba, you learn to treat your Merkaba like your best friend. Everyday you talk to your Merkaba and send it commands. One of the best commands once your Merkaba is activated is ‘Merkaba create a field of protection around me. May God protect me from all harm and keep myself invisible, unreachable, and undetectable to any forces less than love”


In truth, there are an unlimited number of benefits to having an activated Merkaba and they can be unique for each of us. Below is a short list of activated Merkaba benefits:


  • Transmutes low vibration energies to light
  • Stabilizes chakra system and aura
  • Astral travel
  • Access to higher dimensions
  • Powerful psychic protection
  • Enhanced manifesting abilities


In the Activate and Repair Your Merkaba Workshop, you are taught how to activate and program your Merkaba. During the event, your personal Merkaba is repaired through a powerful quantum healing ceremony. The next Merkaba workshop will teach you how to use your Merkaba for Abundance and Wealth and will be held over the Lion’s Gate Portal on Aug 7 and 8, 2023. You can register here:


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