Daily Grounding: Connecting With Earth & Life Force Energy



Grounding is a practice that many Lightworkers forget to do, but is crucial in the awakening process. It will bring stability and vitality to your life, and ensure a steady supply of life force energy for your whole being. Grounding will provide you with support to weather the challenges of raising your frequency and going from 3D to 5D. Grounding is highly recommended at least daily, and multiple times a day when needed. Your practice can be enhanced by standing barefoot in the grass or sand, but is not required. Life force energy or prana is always available to you, and it is up to you to connect with Mama Earth to receive it. Being strongly connected to your planet is vital to your wellness, healing, and ascension



Grounding Is Building and Maintaining Your Connection With Mother Earth


Grounding in the spiritual sense is sending your energetic grounding cords deep within Earth intentionally with the power of your mind and senses. In a meditative state, you visualize your grounding cords going deep down into Earth’s 5D crystalline core. You can think of your grounding cords as roots growing downwards and anchor them into the center of Earth’s core, visualizing your cords being tied to a crystal or anything you wish.


To begin your grounding, it is recommended to take some deep breaths and let go of anything that is troubling you through your breathing. The purpose of this is to calm your body and mind so that you can focus and enjoy this most rewarding daily practice.


Once you are connected to Earth’s center through your grounding cords, you can begin bringing up the golden life force energy into your body, through your chakras, bathing every cell, organ, and bone with golden light. You can also send Earth energy through your body, out your crown chakra straight up to Great Central Sun to nourish your connection with both Earth and Prime Creator.


While you are grounding, the power of Earth’s energies are very tangible, you will feel the peace, calm, and higher frequency. The feelings and sensations may differ for everyone, but you should be able to feel the energies and stability.

This video is wonderful  Daily GROUNDING & CALMING Meditation



Daily Grounding Provides You With Stability, Healing, And Protection


Connecting to Earth regularly will provide you with stability and vitality. Below are some benefits to grounding daily:

  • Being in the present moment
  • Clear focus
  • Deeper clarity
  • Access to creativity
  • Protection from negativity
  • Connection to the divine
  • Toxicity and stress release
  • Healing and codes from Earth
  • Ability to transform guidance and inspiration to physical manifestations

And many more you will find with your own practice.


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