Galactic Blueprint of Ascension


How Do We Ascend? Ascension is such a vast and somewhat vague topic that gets thrown around a lot in the spiritual community. So here is some clarity on fast-tracking your evolutionary path. A lot of people think it is this long and painful and challenging process. It can be if that is your belief but it doesn’t have to be painful and slow.


Ultimate Surrender

I channeled a message that came through that Light Workers are completely safe. We are safe and we are protected in bubbles of light. This is to remind you that it is SAFE to be in ultimate surrender. Now, if you believe in your heart that you are safe and that you are protected in bubbles of light, it really means that no harm can come to you unless you have a soul contract to exit earth. Your Angles have your back. If you trust it at a deep level that you are exactly where you are meant to be at any given time, space, reality, you are exactly where you are meant to be, you are doing exactly what you are meant to be. No matter how chaotic things look on the outside, remind yourself that as earth Ascends, there might be a lot of shadows that come up to the surface to be cleared.


Ultimate Surrender when battling Illness / Disease 

A lot of people are worried about death. Even death is a soul contract. I live my life very clearly in a full state of surrender knowing fully well that if it is time for me to pass, to go on to higher dimensions and other planets and do work, I trust that I have the soul contract to leave at a certain time. Death isn’t happening to me. I have pre-decided this. So, let us say you are going through a radical illness, something very painful, very challenging even if you are going through something that severe, I am here to tell you that I was there once upon a time. When I was 29 years old, I had uterus cancer and it was the most painful, the most depressing, it was really painful because I was on chemotherapy for 6 months. Cancer, for me, was the karma I had to pay off. I had a soul agreement, a soul contract with cancer and that was the quickest and fastest way to pay off a huge chunk of karma. That is what my soul chose to experience. If you are in that phase right now, I am here to tell you that once I had my surgery, within a few months I was presented for the first time with a business opportunity, and that gave me the affordability to move to Toronto. That’s where I met my soulmate/twin flame/the love of my life and then my spiritual awakening happened as a result of our meeting.


So remember that currently from your current vantage point you cannot see the bigger picture of your Soul’s path, the next step. You may not be able to see what is coming to you. If right now, you are struggling in any way, whether it is with relationships, abundance, money, health, pain, even the sense of loneliness of not having Soul Family, anything you are going through that doesn’t feel good, I am here to tell you that this too shall pass. No matter where you are, what you are doing, what life is presenting to you right now, it is exactly where you are meant to be.


You wrote this story before coming to planet earth. You chose the mother that you would incarnate through. You chose the family that you would incarnate through because you knew that you had a set of lessons to learn, earth lessons to learn and that these parents would be ideal for these lessons. You chose your brothers. You chose this universe. You chose whether you would be rich or poor. You chose if you would be healthy or not. You chose if you would live a long life or a short life. It has all been chosen by YOU.


Flow through the cycles of Ascension with ease

There is no point in living life holding on so tight. Let go because when you surrender at a deep level, you are literally living moment to moment and in that moment whatever needs to come through will come through for your highest growth and your highest good.  The heart is where my super computer lies. And to access the Heart’s Intelligence, you don’t need to think, or to plan, or prepare. Just flow. When you are too much in your head, you cannot hear them because you are filling your mind instead of being a clear & open channel. Look at where you have given away your power, where you are worried, where you are scared, where you are nervous, what is causing you to be anxious, where you are judging, and this is a big one, where your insecurities are coming through.


So, you can ask yourself “where have I slaved myself?

Where am I a slave to my parents?
Where am I a slave to my friends? 


Society has really messed up how we are supposed to care for our children. I was the most devoted mom and I had no boundaries with my son. Life taught me that me having boundaries with someone who is constantly abusing me is me standing in my power. It is me activating my higher self and this is my unconditional love for my son because I am now teaching him how to love oneself.


Life after Shadow Work

It may take a few months, but when you come out of this, your reality is going to be completely different. You are on a very multidimensional Ascension Timeline and my highest intention is to get us to where we have the universe at our fingertips, working for us. And you become a fully conscious co-creator with the universe at an activated, fifth-dimensional level or higher. You have taken full responsibility for everything in your reality and are creating with more awareness, with more consciousness.



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