The Law of Attraction and 5D Codes of Abundance


We’re all feeling it

Hey beautiful people! A huge theme that’s coming up for all of humanity right now is Abundance and fully harnessing the power of the Law of Attraction. All of us on planet Earth right now are feeling the pinch. Our funds are tied in one way or another, whether it be our businesses suffering because of the inflation, or being laid off from their jobs.
There’s a big shuffle going on, and this is the time known in biblical texts as the separation of the wheat from the chaff. This is like the final exam for humanity, and this is why things are getting so intense right now, sometimes we feel like giving up.



What are these times here to teach us?

The current energies are giving us a time to pause, to reflect, and to tackle what’s coming in our field. What’s coming to your field right now? Is it frustration? What’s coming to your field right now? Is it doubting the divine plan? Is it this feeling of victimhood, of “Oh, I give up?” So right now, stop acting like a victim and get on with it. What can you do to open up your abundance right now? The whole world is your playground. What are your skills? Are you a good cook? Are you a good seamstress? Are you a good project manager? There are a hundred million things you can do. Start writing down what you can do and start following your joy.



YOU are your Highest Currency

We have to look at as humans, how we’ve been programmed, how we’ve been imprisoned in these false narratives of ‘money is happiness’. It’s really not. It didn’t cost anything. You can move to an island and start teaching people how to surf. You can start taking yoga classes, go move to Hawaii, or like anything you put your mind to. There’s nothing that you cannot do. That is what is meant by taking your power back. You have to follow your dreams, and everything that stands in your way will crumble. You are so powerful, my friends. You have no idea. A life of joy, a life of your dreams, awaits you. It is within your reach. The whole universe is standing at your feet right now, waiting for you to choose your own joy. I am not allowing myself to be trapped in the system of slavery any longer. What am I going to do about it?



Activate your own Abundance

Right now is the time where we need to invest all of our time and effort into raising our vibration and creating 5D, creating a 5D reality in any way possible. If you are sitting at home and looking for updates on the Ascension, when’s this going to happen, when am I going to reach 5D earth, it’s not going to happen that way.
Each one of us is going to reach 5D New earth vibrationally and in order to become a vibrational match, you have to live it for yourself first. We didn’t just have a spiritual awakening and arrive in Costa Rica the next day. It was a very arduous journey. We had to go through clearing all of our 3D gunk, all of our emotional traumas, all of the heaviness that we carried from our childhoods, all of the abuse and suffering that we had to clear out of our systems. We had to let go of all of the limiting belief systems. Where are we taking advantage of others? Where are we not in balance in our lives? Clear your shadows and watch new doors of Abundance will open up.



Don’t underestimate the Law of Attraction

And oh my goodness guys! We, the two of us, literally came from no money. I’ve slept on the sidewalks of Mumbai. I ran away from home when I was 18. I have made every single penny that I’ve ever had, I have made with my own hard work and with my joy. Even when I had absolutely no money and I had been lying on the streets of Mumbai with no food to eat, I had lost 20 pounds. We were begging for food on the streets because we didn’t have money. And because of that, we made our fortune with our hard work and with our joy. We used the Law of Attraction to manifest our dream life by focusing on it.


You have to imagine your heaven on earth first. Constantly get yourself into a state of meditation and visualize how you want to feel. “I want to feel taken care of. I want to feel like the queen or the king that I am. You have to insert yourself in that reality and say, “How do I feel when I’m here?” The feeling is what will make you a magnet for Abundance. “How do I want to feel when I just have a house on the mountain, and there’s no mortgage? It’s paid off. I have a car that’s paid off. I have Airbnb’s on the property, and I’m getting a lot of income, so I don’t need to worry about money.” And then in that state, I can give back in this way, I can do this, I can do that. Follow that feeling of excitement. It’ll bring you to your reality so quickly, so quickly.



Do Random Acts of Kindness

Do random acts of kindness, wherever you can. This is the other half of the Law of Attraction – to give what you wish to receive. Open your hearts, open your wallets, open your lives, open your homes. That’s how we’re meant to live. And these are all mastery lessons. These are initiations of 5D. Looking forward to sharing more fun and exciting stories with you as we continue our adventures. I love you guys with all my heart. Take care, guys.


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