You are reaching a pivotal point of “COMPLETION”: completion of your human journey.
You have graduated into the next level of being.

Like a butterfly emerging from a cocoon, unrecognized by its caterpillar family, you are ready to
step into your NEXT level of being, beyond the limitations of what you’ve known. You are
destined for Greatness which has been encoded into your DNA, simply waiting for you to
awaken deeper layers of your Consciousness and explore this world with a completely
NEW point of view.
Our planet is navigating through unprecedented times as a Galactic Tidal Wave of Light is
showered upon Mother Earth, to help her raise her frequency which in turn increases our light
as she holds us. This shift is redefining every single aspect of our lives, and clearing up what is
no longer in resonance with where we’re heading.
The Cosmic wheels of time are shifting and birthing a new and higher consciousness into
existence. It is now time to ACTIVATE your soul’s blueprint, fulfill your soul mission, and
become the DIVINE CREATOR being you chose to be.

This is WHY you chose to incarnate on Earth.

NOW is the time to RE-MEMBER or bring back all the pieces of Who You Are. All you have to do is align yourself with the path of your higher self.

The 777 Triple Stargate Portal

This year is a 7 year (2+0+2+3=7) and we are all being asked to shed our skin to shine our light –
this is the path of a Master. 7 is the number of Self-Mastery, of completion

In this very powerful, MASSIVE triple stargate portal, you have the opportunity to merge into your highest version of you. To reach across time before you in the future, behind you in the past, and beside you in your parallel lives to collapse them into the present moment of YOU in this NOW moment.

Being in this sacred container will accelerate your Soul’s evolution drastically. You will very quickly shift out of anything that is no longer in resonance with your Soul. You will make massive leaps in your perceptions of life and traverse new layers of Consciousness, where the entire reality around you will UPSHIFT to match the NEW you!


  • Quantum Timeline healing for ALL versions of you across all timelines, all dimensions – past/present/future
  • Inner Child healing and integration
  • Activation of neural patterns that will trigger new perceptions, new information, new impulses, and the RECALIBRATION of your DNA to perceive higher frequencies that you will be able to TAP INTO in your everyday decision making
  • A guided Soul Attunement journey and Higher Self activation
  • An energetic upleveling to higher dimensional frequencies where you will let go of all that is not aligned with the path of your Higher Self
  • A GRADUATION Ceremony in recognition of all your achievements where you will receive new robes of light


  • You will step into a higher timeline as the two Earths continue to split into lower and higher vibrational frequencies 
  • You will feel more at one with your inner-child, who is the most powerful version of you once fully healed
  • You will be able to navigate daily decisions with a new perspective
  • You will Heal and let go of previous wounds, old visions of your future self so you can step into a completely new LIGHT version of you

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I am so grateful for you guys. I honestly wouldn’t be where I am today if it wasn’t for you two! I thank you both from the bottom of my heart for your service in freely giving these teachings, insights, tools and many more! What you have given me, no one could have done it in the way that resonated with my soul. I am a completely different person than I was before I followed you back in 2020. You have always been truthful, consistent and loving all qualities I needed the most in those past years to heal my inner child wounding. I can really say that for the past 7 years of being in the dark night of the soul, this year in 2023 will finally be the year where I am able to start building and really put all the tools and knowledge into action rather than unlearning and purging. Thank you so much for your service💖


Siman & EldoRa – I’m in so much gratitude and thanks to you, words just don’t do it justice. I am who am I today because of your unconditional love and guidance, your care and nurture, your smiles and humour, your fearlessness to walk this path of ascension! May you and our entire Soul family and beloved ones be infinitely blessed! May we all attain peace, joy, abundance & prosperity and love in our lives. AND SO IT IS AND SO IT SHALL BE! 💖 💝 ❤️💙 💫 ✨ 🌟 ☯️ 🕉️ 🙏


Eldora and Siman, I have been through Landmark, Tony Robbins and more and thoroughly enjoyed them all. But you keep amazing me beyond description. Such depth, such insights, such wisdom, such understanding about aligning with your soul path, making tough choices, vibrational matches and more. Wow! I was spellbound and started searching for healing needs in my make up to clear up my pathway to ascension. Your exemplary persistence in your efforts at conscious self healing process in your life journey. Eldora, your passion and bubbliness along with Siman’s examples-filled explanations, have inspired me immensely. Wow! You two are God sent angels to uplift your followers on the pathway to ascension. God bless you and protect you. Thank you multiple times 🙏👍😊❤️❤️



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