~ Clear Your Field With Pleiadian Technology ~


Most humans have been carrying etheric implants within their light bodies for centuries and are completely unaware of them. These implants are a higher dimensional technology placed in us due to contracts we have created with negative beings who wish to feed off our energy. These implants cannot be detected by medical instruments since they vibrate in a non-physical realm, however their detrimental effects upon us can be felt very clearly. These implants exist within many layers of our light body and require constant peeling off like layers of an onion. Sometimes this process can take years of clearing before we can feel free from their effects.

People think it's ‘normal’ to feel this down and heavy, when in fact it is the entities within you that are often causing the extreme fatigue, confusion, chaos, lack of motivation, and so on. These dark entities find their entry point into your field with lower vibrational energies of addiction, blame, envy, FEAR, stress, rejection, trauma, worry, self-doubt, low self-worth, insecurity, self-criticism, need for validation, projecting unhealed childhood wounds and keep you in a loop of feeling bad.

Eldora and Siman are Quantum Metatronic Entity and Implant Removal Experts and on June 29th will be facilitating a powerful healing for NEMS members to help remove Implants, J-Seals, Negative Entities, Dark Portals, Dark Cords that siphon your energy.

Once these devices have been removed, you will:

  • Feel lighter and energized with more of your soul's creative force returning to your body.
  • Have more clarity of perception as negative thoughts and nightmares will be reduced or eliminated.
  • Will feel more vibrant focused and energized and no longer feel perpetual exhaustion.
  • Feel a stronger connection with your higher self and guides.
  • Feel safe as your auric boundaries will have strengthened.

A replay will be available for this event and we highly recommend that you repeat this healing several times as needed since entities and implants are like layers of an onion that are peeled off over time through regular clearings.

lotusimgClearing entities and implants are crucial in ascending to our highest timeline. This workshop will help you shift into higher frequencies.

In this Silver NEMS Event you will receive

  • A thorough Metatronic Healing Session with ENS for clearing Entities, Implants, J-Seals, Templar Seals and Zeta Seals.
  • A Deep Quantum cleansing of your light body
lotusimgThis DEEP Entity & Implant Removal Quantum Healing will help you MASSIVELY, regardless of what stage within the Awakening process you are in.


That was an amazing healing session. I could feel very precisely the areas being worked on . These feel so familiar and my sense is that on some level I have always been aware of these seals and implants and that they have been a source of my illness, pain and suffering. This healing feels such a relief, and that I can begin to breathe and live connected to my more real self. Thank you so much!


I enjoyed the healing as well, it felt personal. It was a bit weird for me as I had visions of stuff coming out of me (some was disgusting) and me washing it off in the sink. Some of it was food like. And a lot was coming out from the solar plexus area. I also saw black cords around my throat chakra which dissolved with the shower stream. After each chakra was cleared flowers bloomed there. And like Nicole I could see and feel everything before Eldora even said it. I joined live at night. Was so happy to see Eldora and Siman and everyone else, excitement kept me awake ❤️


That healing was so powerful, so intense, so palpable, I started feeling sick when working on my sacral and it was painful even, and then the pain was released when we moved towards the solar plexus and above 🥰 it was so beautiful and so calming even the frequency of source coming through the throat was such a shift for my throat!!! ❤️ Thank you thank you thank you!! I love you all so much!!! 🥰


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You may share your membership only with immediate family members living in your home such as a spouse or child.

What level of student is this mystery school for? I'm just beginning my spiritual journey - will this workshop be too advanced for me?

The New Earth Mystery School is recommended for ALL Starseeds & Lightworkers on their Awakening Path. It will benefit you tremendously, no matter what level of Spiritual awareness you are at, from BEGINNER to ADVANCED.

Each participant will unlock the keys that he or she is ready to unlock, irrespective of what stage of mastery you are currently traversing.

I'm in a different timezone/ what if I am not available during the transmission? Is it equally potent if I do the replay?

Yes, it is equally as potent no matter when you watch the replays. You will still receive all the Healing, Upgrades, and Activations from it.

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