~ Energizing & Activating your KA Lightbody Channels ~


The Pleiadians are an Advanced race of beings who have been working with humanity throughout the ages. They are here to assist us as we transition into the Age of Light and evolve into Higher Consciousness and activate our UNLIMITED potential.

As Master Teachers, Healers, & Wayshowers specializing in the KA Light Circuitry Channels, the Pleiadians transmit Frequencies & Attunements to Repair and Activate dormant DNA, as well as heal our Emotional, Mental, Physical, & Spiritual bodies.

A Healthy and Activated KA Lightbody helps you release:

  • Emotional baggage keeping you locked in third density
  • Excessive mental chatter & repetitive thought patterns
  • Disease blueprints from past and present lifetimes

The Pleiadians are our distant cousins, ancient ancestors who reside in Dimensions 5/6/7. They are our kin and allies who have disseminated essential codes at pivotal points in our history. They play an instrumental role in the development and evolution of humanity through a soul contract to assist in our Ascension.

At this crucial transition to the 5D Golden Age of New Earth, the Pleiadians are helping us optimize our vessels to prepare us for the intense Ascension energies that we can expect in the upcoming years.

What Is The KA Light Circuitry?

KA is the 6th Dimensional electrical light body circuitry that flows through your energy centers to continuously feed our physical body with spiritual energy.

Ka channels become blocked by the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual toxins we accumulate in this lifetime and bring with us from previous lifetimes. We can lack creativity and direction, feel sluggish, depleted of energy and stuck in the 3D density, not able to operate at our optimal levels, making Ascension a difficult, rather than a welcomed, process.

lotusimg A healthy KA Lightbody is essential as Ascension energies start to ramp up. ‌

Here's what we will be doing in this Event:

A Quantum Clearing and Healing by the Pleaidians to clear your field of lower density energies

Activation of your “KA” Light Circuitry within your 6th Dimensional Lightbody help you merge with your Higher Self awareness

Spinal Alignments to energize and open up the Kundalini pathways as well as to amplify your connection with Spirit and remove implants from your Spine

Neural Pathway Re-Wiring in Pleiadian Quantum Transfiguration Chambers to remove Dysfunctional Behavioral Patterns to help energize your KA Meridians

Auric repair and techniques to strengthen your connection with Earth which will SIGNIFICANTLY ease overwhelming Ascension Symptoms

Clearing of emotional blocks and baggage you have been carrying in this and past lifetimes through somatic methods downloaded from the Pleaidians

High-Frequency Light-Washes to give you the Attunements needed to withstand the extreme frequential changes that will continue to bombard the Earth as the grids upshift into a Crystalline Frequency

This is a Virtual Event that will be broadcast LIVE Online Via Zoom from the powerful Vortex of Sedona, AZ. It will significantly RAISE your Vibration which will lead to heightened Creation and Manifestation powers, and a surge in overall joy, creativity, passion, and vitality

This is a FUN, interactive, and soul-satisfying event appropriate for Awakened Souls of ALL age groups and levels, from beginner to advanced. Come with an open mind, and let go of any expectations

This One-of-a-Kind Activation was offered directly by the Pleiadians on the Potent 05-05-23 (05) Pleiadian Stargate Portal and channeled from the Powerful Sedona, AZ Vortex. This Fun and Interactive Workshop is for those of YOU that are Ready to prepare your physical and etheric vessels for the explosive and Magickal changes we are about to experience. ‌


6D Pleiadian "KA Light Ciricutiry" Activation - Part 1


6d Pleadian Ka Light Circuitry Activation – part 1
11/11/23 WORKSHOP
6d Pleadian Ka Light Circuitry Activation – part 2
SAVE $222


Connecting to the deeper core of the earth felt AMAZING! I have grounded before but not this deep. Thank you for your guidance in taking us deeper to the crystalline core of the earth, my body just melted. Thank you so so much. This felt truly sooo good. The spine cleanse was so good too.


Thank you so very much for a wonderful informative powerful day. After the class I was driving and everything looked different. I could feel the 3-D Friday traffic energy, but I was separate from it as though I was above it , not a part of it. I could really see the matrix of it all. The frantic energy. And I was just observing. It is hard to Describe . Truly felt magical. Thank you!


Wow wow wow. The Pleiadian energy was so strong. That cone of light was like a strong vacuum. The neural pathways were highlighted so clearly. When I was shown my younger self where this stemmed from when I first acted this way, I found a root cause I never knew, that I never would have admitted to myself. When it was cleared afterwards, when I saw myself acting in a new way , I heard words I never knew how to say before and it felt so natural!!! This is such incredible technology. I am so very grateful to the Pleiadians and both you. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!


I'm feeling Amazing! Loved it! Thank you so much for all the work to bring this to us! I could feel the energies tingling in my head and also my knee where I felt guided to send healing to at the same time. I also had a breakthrough in understanding why I still get triggered and react with my x-wife. I got the insight it is because I am afraid of losing her as a friend in my life. Sounds counterintuitive, but it totally makes sense to me. It actually stems from a break up I had with serious girlfriend I had in college. That surprised me too. I am so grateful for this breakthrough, and this insight and healing of this block. I can't wait to get the book and dive more into it. I just love you guys!!! 💖


This was amazing, well done you guys ❤️ I love these Pleiadian technologies, so excited to keep using them regularly, I can already feel the immense changes that will stem from it!! It’ll be life changing 😍


I’ve never been more excited to do homework!! 😂🤩 I’ve seen my behavioral patterns and wondered if I’ll ever change and this IS IT!! This is the most important and transformation Key & Technology I’ve ever heard!! I can’t wait to practice this!



When will I receive the Zoom Link?

You will get a confirmation email soon after registering for the event.

48 hours prior to the event, you will receive the ZOOM link. If you don't, make sure you check your SPAM or alternatively write to us at

I’m just beginning my spiritual journey - will this workshop be too advanced for me?

You will benefit tremendously regardless of your level of spiritual awareness from beginner to advanced, as we work multidimensionally and help you unlock the codes you are ready at your level of Consciousness.

How often can I repeat this workshop?

As often as needed as you have lifetime access. Many of our students visit it once a quarter at the least to benefit from the high frequency of these activations.

Will the recording be just as powerful as the live event?

Yes. All the energy and frequencies are encoded into the event, regardless of time and space.

Is my purchase refundable if I change my mind?

No, all sales are final.

What currency is used when shopping on this website?

All prices are in USD.


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