Unleash the Power of Angel Magick: Manifesting Your Desires with Divine Assistance

Angels have long been revered as divine messengers and guardians, providing guidance and protection on our spiritual journey. Regardless of how you personally define angels, their presence can be harnessed to assist us in various aspects of our lives. We will explore the transformative practice of working with angels to manifest our desires. By tapping into their abilities and embracing the power of Angel Magick, we can experience a deeper connection to the divine and unlock remarkable transformations.


Accessing Angelic Guidance


Each and every one of us has the ability to work with angels if we are open to receiving their assistance. Angels are always ready and willing to help, but they respect our free will and won’t interfere unless we ask for their guidance. Whether you need support with a specific problem or desire a stronger connection to the divine, you can simply call upon your angels for help.

When you invite their presence, you may experience:


  • A tingling sensation
  • A warm glow
  • A profound sense of peace and comfort
  • Feel something brush against you
  • Or feel nothing at all – just be with the energies!

Trust in the presence of your angels, state your intention, and ask for their guidance whenever needed, knowing they will direct you toward the right path.


Harnessing Angel Magick


Angel Magick, a practice that has gained popularity in recent years, offers a myriad of possibilities for various purposes.

Through Angel Magick, you can:


  • Manifest abundance
  • Seek protection
  • Gain clarity
  • Enhance creativity
  • Find solace in times of grief
  • Ignite bravery
  • Celebrate the birth of a child
  • So Much More

The sheer number of angels available to support us ensures endless opportunities for assistance. Each angel possesses unique energy and expertise, such as Archangel Michael’s protection and courage, or Archangel Raphael’s profound healing abilities. By working with specific angels and employing their associated symbols, sigils, and sounds, you can tap into their energy more effectively, experiencing powerful shifts in your life.


Embracing the Transformative Power of Angel Magick:


Trust in the potency of Angel Magick, even if you cannot physically see or hear your angels. Know that they are always present, guiding and protecting you. Co-creating with your Divine Team of Angels through intentional rituals and ceremonies can be a life-changing experience, fostering a deeper connection with the Higher Realms and elevating your vibration.

To witness the remarkable results of Angel Magick, we conducted an Angel Magick Ceremony for Abundance with Archangel Metatron, guiding participants through the transformative process. The feedback received from those who participated in the ceremony was nothing short of awe-inspiring, as they witnessed the profound effects of this Angel Magick technique on their lives.


Discover more about this empowering workshop and learn how to integrate Angel Magick into your own spiritual practice within the New Earth Mystery School.


Unveiling the Magic of Angelic Co-Creation


By connecting with angels, seeking their assistance, and intentionally working with them through the power of Angel Magick, we invite the love, guidance, and protection of these divine beings into our daily lives. Trust in the incredible potential that lies within the realm of working with angels, and witness the unfolding of extraordinary transformations in every aspect of your existence. When you wholeheartedly believe in the power of working with angels, the universe responds in kind, bringing forth blessings beyond imagination.



Working with angels and embracing the practice of Angel Magick empowers us to manifest our desires with divine assistance. Through their guidance and protection, we can navigate our spiritual journey with confidence and clarity.


As you open yourself to the presence of angels and engage in intentional rituals, you unlock the transformative power of Angel Magick. Embrace this practice, trust in the process, and witness the miraculous unfolding of your desires.


When you trust and believe in the power of working with angels everything unfolds!!


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