Using Your Merkaba to Magnetize Abundance


Knowledge about Merkaba light technology is being shared with humanity now after being hidden for so long. The Merkaba is an extension of each of our beings, and activating our own Merkabas is a complete game changer, upping our spiritual progression with ascension and manifestation support. The benefits of an activated Merkaba are unlimited and unique for all of us. Powerful ascension energies will be streaming into Earth during the upcoming Lion’s Gate Portal, supporting humanity’s ability to upgrade and activate our dormant light body technologies.


The Merkaba is a Part of the Human Light Body 


The Merkaba is a vital and powerful part of the human light body. The word itself when analyzed means: Mer = Light, Ka = Spirit, and Ba = Body. The Merkaba is made up of two pyramids which have three sides. One pyramid points upwards and represents Heaven – masculine – sun and spins clockwise. The other pyramid points downwards and represents Earth – feminine and spins counter clockwise. This beautiful aspect of you contains the geometries of the entire universe and the blueprints for all of creation.


The Merkaba is like a magic genie or quantum computer that has the ability to shift things in the higher dimensions, so an activated Merkaba is the ultimate manifester, psychic protector, and ascension support.


Manifest Abundance & Wealth Using Your Merkaba


The Merkaba can be use to magnetize anything you desire into your reality – including Abundance & Wealth. You can learn how to do that on one of the most powerful abundance portals of the year.



During July 4 – August 8 humanity is traveling through the Portal of the Sirius Gateway. Lion’s Gate is an alignment between the Sirius star system and Earth on 8/8 every year. This is a time when powerful ascension energies are sent to humanity. It is a miraculous event that takes place. 8 is also the number of abundance. Through ancient structures, Lion’s Gate energies are sent to Earth and upgrades are sent to all of humanity. The process is explained further in the following video: Your Multidimensional MERKABA Light Body – What It Can Do For You!


You can learn how to activate your Merkaba and program it to manifest that which you desire into your life. When you combine the power of the Law of Attraction with Your Merkaba, what seems impossible is possible!




The Manifest Abundance & Wealth Using Your Merkaba  workshop is held on the Lion’s Gate Portal – August 7 & 8 2023. If  you are reading this before that time, you can attend live. It will be available after for replay with the energies of the 8/8 abundance portal encoded into the recording. This event focuses on how to utilize your Merkaba to access your abundance and wealth and provide a brief Merkaba refresher, quantum healing, and guided meditation. You can also learn how to  Activate, Repair, & Program Your Personal Merkaba. This workshop is an in-depth teaching on the Merkaba, a powerful quantum healing and Merkaba repair.


Knowledge of the Merkaba has been hidden from humanity for thousands of years because of its power to free humans from the frequency controlled prison of Earth. If you are seeking this knowledge, activating the Merkaba in this lifetime is in your soul’s path. As a being of Light, you are invited to a life-changing journey in (re)connecting with your Merkaba and reclaiming your power and freedom within the Earth plane.



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