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~ Soul Mastery Coaching for lightworkers, starseeds, change-agents,
empaths and visionaries

5D Mastery Coaching

Multidimensional Lightbody & Chakra healing

DNA Activations

Soul Attunements

Breathwork /Meditation/ Yoga

Heart-opening Cacao ceremony & Ecstatic dance

Secrets of Abundance & Manifestation

Inner Child Healing

Channeled messages from your higher guides

Entity/ Implant removal

Come spend a week with us and CATAPULT yourself into self-mastery!

Return home with the confidence, clarity, and courage to BE yourself and own your gifts, FULLY!

Nosara, Costa Rica
FEB 20 - 27, 2021

The Experience

You’ve left your familiar surroundings and have travelled here to dive in to that deep, unexplored wisdom that lives in the core seat of your Soul. Everything you want to have and do in life begins with aligning to who YOU are at your CORE - the pure divine essence of your soul!

You are NOT alone! You will be spending a week in a high vibrational vortex surrounded by a loving & authentic tribe of light workers who will be supporting each other to heal core wounds & let go of limiting beliefs in a sacred container without any judgement, only love and compassion.

Days are spent in deep exploration, tailored for life-changing Breakthroughs! Powerful group healings, guided astral journeys, abundance & manifestation teachings, heart expansion playshops, DNA Activations, Soul Mastery Coaching - you get the idea ;)

This is a space where MIRACLES happen. Eldora & Siman will be channeling high-frequency Angelic transmissions throughout the week to clear your field of past life and ancestral patterns that are blocking your joy, creativity, focus, abundance, passion and vibrancy.

Through tried and tested techniques, we will help you identify and remove Karmic patterns that are creating dis-harmony in all aspects your life including your personal life, business, career & relationships.

You will receive channeled messages from your higher guides to provide clarity on any looming questions or concerns that you may have.

You will learn you how to amplify your intuitive abilities and spirit guide awareness so you can access your own innate wisdom (Guidance-On-Demand).

You will be placed in sacred Healing Chambers where Ascended Masters will be working on you to clear your chakras of implants & blocks that will help you feel lighter, and clearer, giving you easier access to your Divine template.

Prepare yourself for tangible shifts that you can take home with you. You will be provided with the tools and techniques to amplify your confidence, clarity, and courage to be yourself and own your gifts, FULLY!

This tranquil, safe, fun, and authentic high-coherence healing space is the ideal setting to activate the sacred soul blueprints of your Christed Inner-Child.

Be prepared to DIVE DEEP as you will be purging ancient past life wounds, outdated belief systems, and stale energetic patterns! Ample free time has been factored in so you can process the intense energies running through you and ground these high-frequency Upgrades!

Re-charge in the afternoons between sessions with a nap, a massage, with your favorite book by the infinity pool, or head to the beach for a refreshing swim!! Blue-water, white-sand beaches await you just 5 minutes away!

You will be immersed in a potent Vortex of healing ; the ideal setting for this deep soul-cleansing work.

This is an intimate & HIGH-VIBING space.
You’ll fit right in if:

  • Your Soul is buzzing with excitement at having arrived here and you are ready for MASSIVE transformation in this high-vibrational setting
  • You’re ready to step into your mastery and activate the Divine Blueprints that you’re pre-coded with
  • Your soul longs to be in a sacred container, where you know you are expertly supported
  • You have an open mind, an open heart, and you’re willing to leave your negative ego & judgements behind as we take you on a Spiritual journey of a lifetime!
  • You’re someone who likes to PLAY; high-coherence breakthroughs are easy to access in this state of play
  • You’ve never been more ready to SHOW UP FOR YOURSELF! Instead of always putting others first ;)

There’s a POWER that’s waiting to be unleashed through you; a FORCE so powerful that will clear the way of everything that is no longer aligned or true for you, propelling you to a magical reality beyond even your own comprehension!

The Divine is seeking its FULLEST expression through YOU!
There has never been a more ideal time to get out of your own way!

Are you ready to FLY?

What's Included :

Nosara is a vortex with BIG ENERGY. Ahki is a lavish 5-acre retreat centre nestled atop a mountain overlooking stunning views of the Pacific Ocean. It is a place built specifically for the purpose of mental, spiritual, and physical healing by honoring and incorporating the principles of Vastu. This is a place of raw, potent, wild beauty; and you will be fully immersed in it.

Accommodations at AHKí – which will be hosting ONLY our group during our stay. All accommodations are shared (3 guests per suite)

Group transfers to and from Liberia International Airport, and daily local transport to cafes, town, shopping, beaches

3 gourmet, organic vegetarian meals per day (fish or chicken available to purchase)

Playful surprises and outdoor adventures including a fun Costa Rican group Excursion and a group Dinner at an upscale beach-front restaurant (one of our faves!)

Expertly facililated Soul Work: Soul mastery coaching, light-body & chakra healing, DNA activations, abundance/manifestation tools & techniques, guided astral journeys & channeled messages from your higher guides

A Cacao ceremony & bonfire for heart-opening, boundary work, and the birthing of your soul’s expression on Earth

Pre-retreat group bonding: We will all meet as a group by video to set intentions, answer questions, and connect with each other. Life-long friendships are created in such settings!

Integration support: Upon re-entry into daily life, we will schedule a follow up 1 hour group call to discuss common re-integration challenges and address any questions that may arise at that time!

The investment for this powerful experience, limited to only 18 participants, is
USD 4444

This event is now SOLD OUT!!

~May the investment you make in yourself amplify the joy, abundance,
and excitement in your life exponentially!

Airfare related costs, Travel Insurance, Spa services are not included.

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