Kundalini Awakening: Raise Your Vibration


Within your energy body is a dormant bundle of Source energy and when this energy is activated and begins to move through your body, this is a kundalini awakening. This activation is an aspect of spiritual growth and evolution and will awaken psychic and extrasensory abilities, enhance your healing, divinely align your life, and much more. Kundalini awakenings often happen on one’s spiritual path, and can happen spontaneously or over time. It is important to perceive this process as one that will happen at the perfect time and in the perfect place as guided by your guides and higher self. Trust the process and try not to obsess or pursue a kundalini awakening.


A Kundalini Awakening is an Activation of Your Creation Energy


Kundalini is a sanskrit word which means – coiled snake. The coiled snake is a metaphor widely used to represent the kundalini energy that lays dormant for most people at the base of the spine or Root Chakra. Kundalini energy is sexual energy, creation energy, and Source energy. Creation energy is what created the cosmos, the universes, and All That Is. A kundalini awakening is when this dormant energy begins to move up the spine through the chakras and is experienced through the Light Body.

Earth also has kundalini energy and as Earth’s kundalini moves through the land and chakras, humanity is affected and populations in particular locations will experience higher consciousness. A thorough explanation of how kundalini effects humanity and Mother Earth is available here:



Kundalini Awakenings are Connected to Your Healing Path


Kundalini awakening is connected to a remembrance of who you are; a remembrance that you are Source. Humanity has been systematically numbed out and disconnected from Source. Much of the population of Mother Earth live in survival mode, distracted by work, family, and societal expectations. In this state, people will rarely focus on spiritual growth or inner work.

Shadow work and healing will clear channels within your energy body and encourage the awakening of your kundalini. Your kundalini energy is connected with intimacy, trauma healing, and your personal vibration.

It is advised that you do not pursue a kundalini awakening because this experience will happen when your soul is ready and with the most aligned circumstances possible. You are however encouraged to commit to your path of healing by taking care of your entire being in a holistic way.


Kundalini Awakenings are Unique For Everyone


A kundalini awakening is unique for each person and can be spontaneous, intense, gentle, or progressive. These are some of the effects of a kundalini awakening that most people would experience:


  •     Activation of chakras
  •     DNA upgrades
  •     Enhanced or accelerated healing
  •     Life’s purpose alignment
  •     Raised vibration


Kundalini awakening is linked to ascension, healing, connection with guides and higher self, and the evolution of humanity and Mama Earth.


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