Spiritual Ascension: Healing, Raising Your Vibration, and Becoming Your Best Self


Spiritual ascension is a process that happens naturally for all living beings, and for humanity involves deep inner work. It requires you to take responsibility for your actions, your life  and how you relate to the outer world. Clearing and healing trauma, holistic self-care, and commitment to growth is all a part of the ascension process. There is so much about the true nature of humans that has been suppressed and neglected on Earth. Re-connection with your Light Body and your true nature will assist you on your ascension path. The main purpose of ascending is to leave behind the old thoughts, behaviors and ways of being that do not serve humanity any longer. You consciously choose a new way of being, and create a beautiful life, a beautiful world for yourself and everyone around you.


Spiritual Ascension is a Path Back To Your True Self


Spiritual ascension is essentially reclaiming the wholeness of your being. We are all multidimensional beings, with physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies. The spiritual aspect of the human being has been disregarded and neglected in mainstream societies for centuries. Your spiritual aspect is arguably the part of you which holds the greatest power, and together all aspects of your being can operate harmoniously. When you begin to nurture and take care of your whole being, you unlock your unlimited potential.


Ascension is a natural process of evolution for all sentient beings, including humans, animals, insects, plants, sea life, planets, stars, and galaxies. Everything seeks optimal outcomes and moves towards that which is more harmonious.


The ascension path includes being committed to healing traumas and shadows, intense introspection, a desire or need to change and let go of limiting programming and beliefs. It also includes eating better and taking care of your body as well as having healthy and happy relationships.


To ascend is to literally raise your vibration and operate from a higher frequency. Below is the human Emotional Vibration Chart, and as you can tell, emotions such as shame, guilt, grief and fear are low vibrational emotions. Love, joy, and peace are emotions that vibrate at a higher frequency. You can determine whether your vibration is high or low by taking a quick assessment of how much time you are spending engulfed in the emotions listed in the chart. If you spend most of your time feeling grateful, this is a very good indication of a high vibration.


Spiritual ascension also involves living heart centered and being of service to others. You are innately guided to help others and you feel good doing it. On the ascension path, one eventually operates from unity consciousness. This means you feel at one with all of creation, and you view others as other selves. Divine connection is felt deeply in the absence of fear, hate, and suffering.


Spiritual Ascension is Your Path to Abundance and Freedom From Suffering


The significance of a spiritual ascension is to exit the 3D – third dimensional- reality that we have been living in on Earth. Many of us yearn for peace, a life of ease, unconditional love, and abundance. The reality of life on Earth for many is full of pain, suffering, hardship, and disconnection. This way of living and being is deliberately designed by forces that wish to keep humanity asleep and stuck in survival mode. All of the different parts of society such as school, the work force, the justice system, and governments, are all designed to suppress humanity. The dark forces on Earth work to impede humanity’s evolution for their own benefit.


This video goes deep into the topic of the dark forces, why they are here, and what they want:



To begin your healing path is to actively and purposefully choose to step out of the 3D reality that is all about disconnection from self and each other. We are all the Creators of our lives as everything in our own realities is a result of our thoughts, words and actions. This is how the law of attraction works. Your vibration is constantly communicating to the Universe what you want in your reality. To feel abundant is to attract more abundance, and to feel deep joy is to attract more experiences that create deep joy. In this video, the law of attraction is discussed and explained:



The Ascension Path is One of Love, Healing, and Accountability


Ascension is a natural process, though humanity has been swayed off track by outside forces for millenia, to keep humanity in the lower vibration of fear. It is easier to manipulate humanity in a lower vibration, because people feel restricted rather than empowered. Many people find that they get stuck in negative patterns and escape from their own hell seems impossible. There are some key perspectives that can be a lifeline for people working to create a better life:


  •     You have full control over your life and your life’s path; circumstances and other people have no power over you when you fully incorporate this into your life.
  •     Self-love and self-worth is imperative; deeply loving and accepting yourself and knowing you are innately worthy becomes a beacon – announcing to the world that you are a beautiful sacred being and will be treated as such.
  •     Accountability and taking responsibility for your life is freeing and will become an imperative aspect of your growth. This video explains Shadow Work and will help you take responsibility for your triggers and heal them.
  •     Service to others is an indication of ascension; your loving willingness to do the work and commit to helping others will attract divine support on a new level.
  •     Treat your body, mind and spirit with love and respect; pay attention to what your body, mind and spirit want in terms of nourishment and care.
  •     Connect with the Earth and the energy centers in your body. Go outside, garden, take a walk. The technique of grounding will create stability and connection with Mother Earth’s energy and is imperative for wholistic wellness – you can put your bare feet on the earth (dirt, grass, sand, water) and do a Daily Grounding Meditation to center yourself in your body
  •     Taking care of your physical body is crucial for overall wellness as well. It is important to fill your body with life giving foods that help your body heal.  This video is an in-depth discussion about superfoods and how to promote the greatest physical health. Diet, Detox, Superfoods for Optimal Health


When You Ascend You Shift to a Higher Frequency


When humanity ascends, the world will change. During the ascension process, your vibration begins to rise and the lower vibration reality dissipates. Conflict, disconnection, confusion, dis-ease, and other low vibrational aspects of the 3D world become mismatches to your vibration. You create a reality that is full of everything that makes your heart happy.


Spiritually ascending will connect you deeply with all parts of yourself, your spiritual team and family; reconnect you with your galactic identity and you begin to live and breathe unity consciousness. Picture a harmonious, loving, graceful life of ease – this is what spiritual ascension is all about.


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