WHAT IS a MERKABA, anyway? Understanding how this Amazing VESSEL of LIGHT can Transform your WORLD!


The mystical symbol of the Merkaba has been found in ancient texts and spiritual teachings from around the world, showing up in art, sacred geometry and recently in modern Ascension culture. It’s possible that you’ve seen this symbol on a poster or t-shirt, or tattoo, but do you know what it really means and what it can do? Did you know that the Merkaba has been used by mystics as a vessel of light to travel through time, space and dimensions? Did you know that mystics have been using the Merkaba to aid them on their path to enlightenment for thousands of years?


  • If you want to learn more about the ancient wisdom and symbolism of the Merkaba,
  • If you want to find out about its hidden powers that were kept secret for millenia,
  • If you want to learn how to activate these amazing powers in your own life to align with your authentic self and create profound transformation on your path to spiritual enlightenment, then read on!

Prepare to embark on a journey of discovery as we disclose the secrets of the Merkaba, delving into its historical origins, symbolic representations, and its potential to unlock the doors to higher realms of consciousness. From unraveling its mysterious symbolism to decoding its intricate geometry, you will gain insight into the Merkaba’s significance and role as a vehicle of light. As we uncover the secrets of the Merkaba we will explore its practical applications, giving you the knowledge to incorporate this sacred symbol into your spiritual practices and experience profound personal growth.



The History and Mysterious Symbolism of the Merkaba


The Merkaba has been shared, taught and utilized for thousands of years, tracing its roots to Ancient Egyptian texts, dating back to 3000 BCE. Merkaba is a Hebrew word with ancient Egyptian origin, meaning “Chariot” or”vessel.” It is referenced 44 times in the Hebrew Bible and in the first chapter of Ezekiel, the Merkaba is the word used to describe the throne-chariot of God that Ezekiel sees in a vision.


The word Merkaba is made up of three components each with its own meaning:

MER (Light)      KA(Spirit)          BA(personality or body)


One might interpret this as the Union of Spirit and Body, enveloped and protected in Divine Light. Every living being has a merkaba, but for the most part, human beings are not aware of this vessel of light and never activate it.


Mystical traditions have featured variations of this sacred shape, offering unique interpretations and practices. This profound symbol, recognized by its unique geometric structure, was considered a celestial chariot used by ascended masters to connect and communicate with those in the higher realms. The Merkaba’s energy field is more than just an encapsulation. Once activated, it serves as the ‘Vehicle of Light’ that facilitates the journey from lower consciousness to higher, transcendental spiritual awareness, allowing the student to travel through time, space and dimensions. Understanding the Merkaba and how to use it is an invaluable tool on the Path of Ascension, holding the potential of deep and profound transformation.



The Intricate Geometry of the Merkaba: A Symbol of Unity and Harmony


The geometric symbol of the Merkaba is made up of two intersecting tetrahedra: one pointing upwards to heaven, one pointing down toward earth. Also called a “Star Tetrahedron” it is depicted in 2D by the Star of David.


The Merkaba is multifaceted and in its very structure is a testament to the importance of sacred geometry in spiritual symbolism, as multiple meanings can be drawn from it. Each tetrahedron represents distinctive energies. The upward tetrahedron, representing masculine energy, rotates clockwise, symbolizing action, logic, and reason. The downward tetrahedron, representing feminine energy, rotates counter-clockwise, embodying intuition, nurturing, and emotion. Together, they represent the duality of existence – body and spirit – united in a singular form, surrounded by divine light.


The balanced spinning of these tetrahedrons in opposite directions, creates a multidimensional energetic field around the human body. When activated, it helps to achieve balance and harmony within our body. This connection between the Merkaba’s energy and our own is pivotal to its role in spiritual transformation. The very shape of the merkaba reminds us of the potential power we can wield when we find balance and raise our vibration.



The Impacts of Merkaba Practice Are Life changing!


Embracing the Merkaba in regular spiritual practice offers several enriching benefits. It presents a holistic approach to balancing the body’s physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual energies, fostering equilibrium and harmony.


Activation of the Merkaba field:


  • aligns us with our Higher self
  • provides protective energetic field
  • balances our energy and promotes self-healing; spiritually, physically and emotionally
  • enhances intuition and our spiritual receptivity
  • connects us with higher consciousness and universal wisdom
  • enables inter-dimensional travel
  • amplifies the effects of other spiritual and healing practices


The Merkaba and Spiritual Transformation: An Evolving Journey


Activation of the Merkaba field involves focused meditation and a deep understanding of the spiritual, physical, and mental connections. Practicing Merkaba meditation requires dedication and a thorough knowledge of its intricate principles. There is an 18-breath technique of inhaling and exhaling rhythmically while visualizing the Merkaba field spinning around you. This practice is so much more than just visualization and breathing techniques.  It requires synchronization of the mind and heart, symbolizing the unity of our spiritual and physical beings. It is recommended to seek a trusted teacher that has experience with the Merkaba and its powers, to assist you with the activation.


You can learn how to activate and work with your Merkaba on as a regular daily practice, to find a parking spot, astral travel or manifest abundance in two powerful Merkaba workshops that you can find out more about here.


“The Merkaba is your most powerful tool of Manifestation and Ascension. It aligns you with your Soul’s highest path to live an authentic, abundant and blissful life.” -Eldora & Siman 


The Merkaba, a profound spiritual ‘vehicle,’ is indispensable in personal transformation and spiritual ascension. Its multi-faceted shape affects every facet of our life,  guiding us closer to the essence of our existence and the universal light that binds us all. It truly is your most powerful tool for Ascension.



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