You are a Creator being. You are Divinity in human form blessed with one of the most powerful gifts of creation in this Universe:

Your Multidimensional Merkaba Light Body.

The Merkaba is an extension of your being. It is your Light-body
that works with you to create your reality.


You Merkaba is one of the most powerful Tools of Manifestation that you have at your disposal. It is conscious and self aware, responding to your commands like a powerful Quantum Computer that helps you create any reality that you desire once you learn how to program it and unlock its powers.

It is time to learn the Practical uses of Your Merkaba Light Technology!

Using your Merkaba allows you to expand your Consciousness rapidly towards the higher dimensions. When you are tuned into this higher consciousness, you become a magnet that can attract anything you like into your life. Wealth, loving relationships, your dream home, a lifestyle of luxury, adventure and travel; whatever you desire, it can be yours.

You deserve the best of what life has to offer, it is your birthright!

This two day multi-sensory experience will Transform Your Life and Unlock New Abundance Codes by teaching you the Secrets of Manifestation Magick that allow you to create your desired reality using your Merkaba.

Unlock the power of your Merkaba

We will be teaching you the secrets that will help you unlock the unlimited power of your Merkaba. We will teach you how to get rid of the subconscious belief systems that keep you trapped in lack and poverty consciousness. We will give you the keys to allow you to fully leverage the Law of Attraction so that you can utilize the universal principles of Mind Magick to work for you.

In our first Merkaba workshop held in the 2.22.22 portal, we gave you important instructions on how to activate and use your Merkaba as well as taught you powerful programming commands. We channeled a Quantum Healing where Metatronic Light Technicians worked with your Merkaba to repair the Light Crystals within it. We Astral journeyed together as a Soul family to Sirius B to meet your personal Sirian Lion Guardian. We chose to hold this second Merkaba workshop over the Lion’s Gate 8/8 portal because it is a powerful ABUNDANCE portal to amplify the results. You will learn to use your MERKABA LIGHTBODY as a practical tool to move your desires and wants from the realm of thought into the realm of REALITY. This workshop is essential for anyone who is ready to integrate their LIGHTBODY into their mental, emotional and physical body to truly master their lives.

What You Can Expect In This Workshop

  • Review the secret keys of the Abundance mindset that you can use in your daily lives
  • Combine the power of your mind with the power of your Merkaba to manifest wealth and abundance in your life
  • An Overview of the Merkaba and it’s power to transform your life
  • Merkaba Abundance Guided Meditation that you can repeat over and over to attune yourself to Abundance in all walks of life
  • Merkaba Axis Alignment daily practice to optimize and balance the Axis orientation of your Merkaba, to enable it to operate at its optimal efficiency
  • Optimize your Merkaba Spin Ratio in relationship to the planetary and solar sacred geometries
  • A guided Quantum Healing with Metatronic Light Technicians to repair any damages or tears in your Merkaba, to amplify it’s Manifestation powers
  • How to program your Merkaba and use your Merkaba in every day situations – the Do’s and the Dont’s!

How This Workshop Will TRANSFORM Your Life

  • You will break through limiting beliefs keeping you in Scarcity so you have a clear path and a true abundance mindset
  • You will have grounded and practical tips, tools and techniques that you can use to reprogram your way of thinking to transform your life
  • You will feel lighter, with a sense of clarity and purpose in life as you bring your physical and lightbody into more harmony working together
  • You will learn how to utilize your Merkaba to break through anxiety, stress and various self-sabotage programs
  • You will learn how to work in this 3D reality with powerful 5D tools of manifestation
  • You will experience the joy of manifesting miracles into your everyday life
  • Your abundance will Amplify

Our first Merkaba Workshop from 2022 transformed the lives of thousands of beautiful souls just like you. We are excited for you to experience these Activations of Abundance that will transport you in all areas of your life into a higher vibrational reality very quickly!

There are no Pre-Requisites for this Workshop. Anyone with an open mind and an eagerness to learn will benefit tremendously from this. You will benefit tremendously, no matter what level of spiritual awareness you are at, from beginner to advanced. Each participant will unlock the keys that he or she is ready to unlock, irrespective of what stage of mastery you are currently traversing.

It is not necessary to have completed the first Merkaba workshop Repair, Activate & Program Your Merkaba in order to enroll in this current workshop, but we highly encourage you to complete and review the material for the most powerful and optimal results. You can purchase the first workshop along with this one for a discounted price.

There are TWO ways to purchase this Powerful Workshop & Activation

Make your selection carefully as there are no refunds

Buy single workshop

Manifest Abundance & Attract Wealth with Your Merkaba


Buy Both Merkaba Workshops Together

2/22/2022 WORKSHOP



8/8/2023 WORKSHOP

Abundance &
Attract Wealth
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“May the investment you make in your Soul’s evolution blast CODES of Abundance, Balance, Joy, and Wellbeing to every remote corner of this Planet and shift you into higher timelines of ease, prosperity, and grace. May it be for the highest good of all, and So it is!”



The Merkaba Activation is recommended for ALL Lightworkers, Empaths, Starseeds, Crystals, Rainbows, and anyone who is on their Awakening Path.

This workshop is recommended to anyone who desires to tap into energetic gifts, bestowed to them at birth, and utilize them to become a master manifestor and accelerate their ascension.

Because we ascend in the 3rd density to the 5th density with our body here on Earth, an Activated Merkaba is an essential part of the Ascension. You will benefit tremendously, no matter what level of spiritual awareness you are at, from beginner to advanced. Each participant will unlock the keys that he or she is ready to unlock, irrespective of what stage of mastery you are currently traversing.

You will receive an email confirmation to the Abundance Merkaba workshop via email in the first 10 minutes after purchase using the email you used to register. You will receive the zoom link the day before the event for the LIVE workshop. You will receive the replay to the workshop 24-48 hours after the event has been completed. If you registered for both workshops, you will receive an email with the links to watch the Repair, Activate and Program Your Merkaba replay via email within 10 minutes after purchase using the email you used to register. If you do not see the email, please check the spam folders. If the email is not there, please send an email to

The  LIVE workshop is held over 2 days, 4 hours each day. If you cannot participate live, the recordings will be emailed to you after the event is over. 


If you registered for the first workshop as well, the recordings are 12 hours of content that are broken up into sections. For a Quantum leap into your next timeline with an activated Merbaka, we recommend that you complete this in 2 days, however this can also be completed at a slower pace. Each of the sessions has sections that may include a talk, a healing, a meditation, a sound bath, and more. You can take breaks between the sections for integration or as your time permits. This is your journey and you can choose how you proceed. Just make a commitment to yourself. This is for YOU.

Being in this sacred space with Eldora & Siman can be a very powerful and life-altering experience due to the powerful beings of Light they call into the Ceremony. A 3 day cleanse prior to the event is not required but highly recommended and is going to take the experience to the next level for you. In this 3-day period, we recommend a clean diet with lots of veggies, fruits, clean water and advise you to completely avoid meat, alcohol, and dense food.


This process of dietary cleansing removes harmful toxins from your vessel and opens up your ‘Naadis’ (Pathways of light). The more cleansed you are the more light (Healing information) your body is able to receive.


It is recommended that you declutter your space in preparation for this activation to clear your energy field. Set yourself up on the floor on blankets or a yoga mat with pillows – make yourself very comfortable so you can journey inward and receive. You can light a new candle, and place your crystals, sage, and anything else you would like to have in your place around you. Let your family and friends know that you are UNAVAILABLE. Limit any unnecessary outside interaction. Going inwards and keeping yourself somewhat isolated from the outside world will amplify the medicinal properties of this sacred container.

It is not essential to have completed the first workshop or know how to work with your Merkaba in order to do this second workshop. However, for those of you that wish to truly amplify your manifestor and creator powers and accelerate your results, it is highly recommended that you do the first workshop as well either before or after this LIVE event.

The first workshop was held on the powerful and potent 2-22-2022 portal with the assistance of the Angel, Archangels, Ascended Masters, the Royal Guard of Sirius B, and many divine and galactic guides. All of the energy and frequencies are encoded into the recording and can be tapped into anytime the recording is watched. We exist in a quantum reality, not linear time and space as we have been taught. You will feel the power of this event as if you were present when it was recorded.

You can repeat this anytime you feel that your Merkaba needs a tune up, you want to revisit the information or when you want to dip into the power of this sacred container. Just be sure to integrate the energy between viewings. We do recommend doing this workshop again every year to refresh and reflect on the quantum leaps you have made in your life since you last did the workshop.

In this sacred container, you will not be alone as your guides and all the angels, ascended masters, archangels, and guardians we call in will be with you as you actively participate in the workshop. Our true reality transcends beyond the physical reality that we are programmed to focus on, and at first it can be difficult to grasp how these energies can be captured in a workshop and transcend time and space. You will be held in an extremely safe container and we will be journeying together to Sirius-B so that you can meet another one of your guides who will help you on your journey in life. Do the grounding meditation that you will receive each day and create a cozy, comfortable space for yourself to allow yourself to relax.

You have lifetime access to this workshop.

No, all sales are final.

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