Activate, Repair & Program your Personal Merkaba

Your most powerful tool of Astral Travel, Manifestation, and Ascension

The Merkaba is a Six Pointed STAR shaped sacred geometry that spins around your Lightbody close to the speed of light. It connects you with higher levels of Consciousness and restores the memory of the INFINITE possibilities of your multidimensional being.

MER – means light
KA – means spirit
BA – means body

The Merkaba is your vehicle of light that helps immensely with Inter-Dimensional ASTRAL TRAVEL as well as to manifest a new reality based on your soul aligned desires.

It is one of the most powerful tools to raise your Consciousness and activate your spiritual abilities. Once you start working with this technology, your life will never be the same again!

Humanity’s MERKABA has been inactive for the past 12,000 years since the fall of Atlantis

In this Masterclass we will Repair & Re-activate your Merkaba and teach you how to tap into its miraculous potentials. This is a game changer for anyone on their ascension path!

What you will Receive in this Masterclass

  • Anatomy of Your Light Body & Overview of the Merkaba
  • How to use Your Merkaba to become a Master Manifestor and a Powerful Creator
  • Guided Meditation to Activate your Sacred Heart Space
  • How to activate your Inner Guidance and Enhance your connection with Source
  • MERKABA REPAIR QUANTUM HEALING Repair Damaged Crystals in your Merkaba with Metatronic Light Technicians
  • Activate and Program your Personal Merkaba
  • Release Inner Wounds & Merge with Your Higher Self
  • Astral Journey to the “Royal Guard of Sirius-B” to reunite with your own Personal Guardian Lion

Busy Yet Devoted? Our Masterclass Fits Your Life.

Engage at your own pace, designed for those committed amidst a busy schedule. Highly recommended to REPEAT at least once a year (you have lifetime access).

This course has transformed the lives of thousands of beautiful souls just like you. We are excited for you to experience these Activations of Abundance and Enhance your Connection to Spirit.

This MASTERCLASS is for you if:

  • You’re ready to become a MASTER MANIFESTOR and attract the life of your WILDEST dreams
  • You’re ready to EMPOWER yourself by taking your projects to the next level by learning to tap into the infinite potentials of your Multidimensional Merkaba Lightbody
  • You’ve always wanted to Astral Travel and connect with your Higher Dimensional Galactic Star Family 🙂
  • You’re ready to take control and protect your energy with powerful QUANTUM SHIELDING techniques so no dark forces or psychic attack can touch you
  • You are done playing small and are ready to JUMP to the next level of your Spiritual Evolution
  • You love working with cutting-edge spiritual technologies to raise your consciousness to higher levels
  • You’re ready to step into your souls mission on Earth and activate the GRANDEST TIMELINES of Joy, Passion, Fulfillment, Service, Love and Abundance

There are TWO ways to purchase this Powerful Workshop & Activation

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Repair, Activate & Program Your Personal Merkaba


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2/22/2022 WORKSHOP



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“May the investment you make in your Soul’s evolution blast CODES of Abundance, Balance, Joy, and Wellbeing to every remote corner of this Planet and shift you into higher timelines of ease, prosperity, and grace. May it be for the highest good of all, and So it is!”

Highlights of the Merkaba Masterclass



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