6D Pleiadian “KA” Template Activation

This is a powerful and life-changing Activation.

Your KA Template is located on top of your head, slightly behind your crown chakra, and encoded with sacred light-language hieroglyphs.

This template contains your soul’s Christed perfected blueprint and activating it kick-starts the process into 5D Consciousness, allowing your Higher Self to merge with you.

Your brain sends commands to upgrade your body systems, mind, meridians, & emotions, so dis-ease and degenerative physical conditions begin to heal.

On this 11.11 Portal, we will be bringing in the
Pleiadian Emissaries of Light
in a sacred container to facilitate this
transformational Activation for you

What Is KA Light Circuitry?

In Light Language, KA means spirit. Your body contains a network of millions of fine gossamer high-frequency “veins” that allow blissful Sixth Dimensional life-force Spiritual Energy to flow continually through you. 

Think of it as a higher dimensional version of your Nervous System that allows more of your Soul’s Light to step down into your Physical vessel.

Like your MER-KA-BA, you are born with this infrastructure but it is not active until you consciously activate and work with it. And like an onion, it has many layers and we activate it ONE STEP at a time as we Master the associated initiations of each level.

With Your KA
Light Circuitry

  • You will feel more connected and TAPPED IN with your inner guidance, healing powers, telepathic gifts, and intuition will SKYROCKET to new levels
  • You will REVERSE AGE as your body starts to feel youthful, vibrant, & energized from these blissful 6D ‘Ka’ soul healing frequencies running through you
  • Your AURA will strengthen significantly, creating a protective shield around you that makes you IMPENETRABLE to lower frequencies with the right daily maintenance
  • Your LIGHT will grow brighter, making you noticeably more visible to high dimensional beings and you become a magnet for all things you wish to attract in life
  • You are more aligned with your HIGHER SELF, resulting in more joy, abundance and seamlessly navigate through life from a higher perspective

You begin the process of Merging with Your HIGHER SELF when your KA channels are clear, energized, and activated.

Your body becomes capable of anchoring high-frequency Kristos-Sophia Codes, significantly raising your level of Consciousness.



In the previous KA Light Circuitry Activation Event (held on 05.05), we helped prepare your vessel for your KA Channel Activation with SPINAL Alignments.

We taught you about repairing your Aura with daily energy-hygiene practices & strengthening your grounding cord to Earth.

We also gave you a taste of powerful GALACTIC technology, Pleiadian Quantum Transfiguration Chambers, to use in your DAILY lives to restore your dysfunctional Neural Pathways and let go of the erroneous matrix-driven habits and thought-patterns that keep you locked in density.

Here’s what we will do in this event: 

  • Begin the Activation of your KA Template which kick-starts your 13 Spiritual Initiations that all souls must walk through in order to ascend into higher levels of Consciousness
  • Clear your Nadis (light channels) with a powerful Quantum Metatronic Flush, to prepare your vessel for receiving an influx of KA energy from your higher self
  • Powerful daily Energy Hygiene ritual to clear your Aura of extraneous energies
  • Activate your Cosmic KUNDALINI, a vital component to Activating your KA, that connects you to Life-Force energy, giving you an infinite supply of vitality and preventing you from feeling drained in everyday life
  • And last but not least, we will channel a transformational LIVE Quantum Metatronic Healing to cocoon you in powerful 6D healing frequencies, and assist with integrating these frequencies into your Light Body

A few Guidelines to prepare:

  • The Pleiadian frequencies will start working with you, guiding & clearing you as soon as you Register for this event. Pay close attention to your body’s needs during this time, and keep yourself in balance.
  • A clean diet for 3 days and Juice / Veg Broth Fast for 1 day is recommended leading up to this event
  • Avoid alcohol, drugs, weed and any mind-alteration substances leading up to this event to support the powerful activations

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6D Pleiadian Ka Light
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6d Pleadian Ka
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Connecting to the deeper core of the earth felt AMAZING! I have grounded before but not like THIS, ever. Thank you for taking us so deep into the crystalline core of the earth, my body just melted. Thank you so so much. This felt truly sooo good. The spine cleanse was so good too. I feel so activated, clear, and healed.
This was amazing, well done you guys ❤️ I love these Pleiadian technologies, so excited to keep using them regularly, I can already feel the immense changes that will stem from it!! It’ll be life changing 😍 Cannot wait for Part 2!
M. A.
I’ve never been more excited to do homework!! 😂🤩 I’ve seen my behavioral patterns and wondered if I’ll ever change and this is exactly what I’ve needed!! This is the most powerful and transformative technology I’ve ever heard of!! I can’t wait to practice this!
T. Q.


You will get a confirmation email soon after registering for the event.

48 hours prior to the event, you will receive the ZOOM link. If you don’t, make sure you check your SPAM or alternatively write to us at

The recording will be sent out to all registered participants right after the event, for those who are unable to attend LIVE.

You will benefit tremendously regardless of your level of spiritual awareness from beginner to advanced, as we work multidimensionally and help you unlock the codes you are ready at your level of Consciousness.

If you have not done the KA 1 workshop, it is recommended that you do that before or after this event to get the full benefit of the activations.

As often as needed as you have lifetime access. Many of our students visit it once a quarter at the least to benefit from the high frequency of these activations.
Yes. All the energy and frequencies are encoded into the event, regardless of time and space.

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