Unlocking the Power of Your Merkaba: How to Manifest with the Law of Attraction


The Merkaba is part of your lightbody that surrounds your body and helps you bridge the physical and nonphysical worlds. You are born with it, and it is just waiting to be used. It represents untainted divine energy that supports your goals at all times. Knowing how to properly active, program, and work with your Merkaba will let you create and manifest any desire your heart may have.



Law of Attraction and Manifestation


The Universal Law of Attraction states that anything you put your focus and effort on will eventually make its way into your life.


This can be illustrated with a simple example. If you concentrate on all the wonderful things you already have, then you are going to draw nice things into your life. However, if you solely dwell on your shortcomings, what you lack, or think negatively, you are telling the universe you desire the feeling of lacking, and you will continue to fall short.


The beautiful thing is that the Merkaba can help you with this process. Later we will talk about how your Merkaba can help you.


Seven “mini-laws” make up the Law of Attraction, and each one is important to understand before we talk about how to use it with your Merkaba.



The Law of Manifestation


Most people picture this when they hear the phrase “Law of Attraction.” According to the Law of Manifestation, our thoughts and feelings shape our reality meaning whatever we focus on will come to pass in our life. Your thoughts precede what you see in your life.



The Law of Magnetism


According to the Law of Magnetism, your energy has a direct impact on everything that has occurred in your life. This includes the people, things, and opportunities that have crossed your path and the situations in which you have found yourself.



The Law of Unwavering Desire


Do you really want what you say you want? According to the Law of Unwavering Desire, your desire must be intense and unwavering to attract or achieve something in your life. Things you want on a whim, more likely than not, will not come to pass even if you try to manifest them. You have to desire your goals with all your being for the Law of Attraction to work.



The Law of Delicate Balance


The equilibrium between many forces makes up the Universe we inhabit. We also need equilibrium inside and outside our bodies since we are like little versions of the Universe ourselves. The Law of Delicate Balance helps remind us that trying to manifest things that will cause unbalance in our lives would be working against the foundation of the Universe.



The Law of Harmony


The coordinated interaction of the forces and elements that make up the Universe is described by the Law of Harmony. Harmony is the way life flows. Everything looks simple when you are in sync with it as if you are swimming with the stream of life.



The Law of Right Action


You may have heard the saying, “What goes around comes around.” According to the Law of Right Action, the quality of your experiences in life is determined by your words and deeds, which impact the environment around you.



The Law of Universal Influence


It’s crucial for you to be conscious of your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors, as well as any clues the Universe sends your way to see the effects of your choices and guide you toward your goals. You will be able to manage your energy better and broaden your beneficial influence on the world by paying attention to what the Universe is trying to tell you using the Law of Universal Influence.



How to Manifest All Your Desires


While people approach manifestation in their own unique way, most adhere to the same fundamental ideas. The first, and arguably the most important, step is to be completely honest and clear about your desires.


Making your desire as detailed as possible is crucial. The better, clearer, and more succinct, the simpler it will be to manifest into reality. For example, instead of saying, “I want to meet my soul mate,” create a thorough image of what that person might resemble, including their appearance, personality, and values.



Programming Your Merkaba For Manifestation 


Your creative matrix enables you to mix soul intention with the glint of Source energy to create whatever reality you wish. This is because our Merkaba is in continual communication with the Source. As long as it is actively spinning without a wobble in its access, it can be programmed through meditation and intentions, much like crystals.


Only you have authority over your Merkaba; no other person is permitted to program your Merkaba for you. Although you are born with a Merkaba, it does not come online until you learn how to activate it and program it. If you are struggling to program your Merkaba, healers can support your work. You can learn how to repair, activate and program your Merkaba here. 


Your Merkaba can work in the energy matrix to assist you with manifesting anything you want.



Steps for Manifesting With Your Merkaba


What is the process for using your Merkaba for manifestation? Once your Merkaba is active, you can connect with it in a few easy steps!

  • Sit or lie down in a comfortable posture, close your eyes, and signal to your mind that you are prepared to program your Merkaba.
  • Consider the tetrahedrons that are all around your body: the male pyramid, which starts at your knees and extends upward to a point several feet over your head, and the female pyramid, which descends from your shoulders to just below your feet. Watch your pyramids rotate.
  • Actively spin the pyramids so the male spins around you from right to left and the female from left to right. Watch to see whether you get invigorated when they activate and when they spin.
  • Imagine an expanding, saucer-shaped light field surrounding your body. Inhale deeply and gently, then exhale.
  • Now concentrate on your goals and make your intentions known so that your Merkaba may work without interruption on achieving them.
  • Use clear commands to program your Merkaba, and be sure to remove prior programming from time to time so commands don’t interfere.
  • Then, give gratitude and say, “And So It Is.” Stand up, knowing that your energy works with the matrix to bring about everything you want.


You could experience a sense of leaving your physical body when you are programming your Merbaka for manifestation; if so, ground yourself back into it. Make sure you are balanced before you continue. Working with your Merkaba takes practice and skill, and the right mindset. If you want to learn more about how to Manifest with your Merkaba, click here.



Merkaba Helps Your Manifest Your Dreams


Manifesting what you want using the Law of Attraction alongside Merkaba activation is a powerful yet very accessible tool. All of this can seem unreal to those not experienced with it, and it can be easy to take advantage of what seems like an endless pool of whatever you desire.


If you believe in karma, you will understand why you want to use this special technique for only good deeds. Used properly, it can help you retain balance and peace within your life while also receiving those things you desire with gratitude.



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