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What is NEMS

The New Earth Mystery School (NEMS) is a School of Ascension to accelerate your Spiritual path to open up your Guidance & intuitive gifts, connect with your higher self, and remove obstacles that keep you stuck in repeating karmic loops in life.

Tapping into the ancient wisdom of mystery schools of the past, guided by the mystical lineages of the Order of Melchizedek and the Sisterhood of the Rose, NEMS aligns you with your highest timeline to awaken dormant codes of unrealized potential encoded in your DNA, which leads to richness in all aspects of your life, including Relationships, Career, Abundance, Joy, and aligning with your Soul’s path.

With monthly Live Online Events, you will receive empowering Spiritual tools, tips, Activations, Energy Attunements, and a Community of like minded souls to support you in your Ascension journey.

Membership Options


Includes 1 Silver Event per Month


Library of Past Events | Private NEMS Discord Community | Meditation Library

* LIVE on Zoom, or get access to the Replay


Includes 1 Gold & 1 Silver Event per Month


Library of Past Events | Private NEMS Discord Community | Meditation Library

*LIVE on Zoom, or get access to the Replay

Starting Jan 1, 2024, we will have a single membership for $88/month with One Featured Event each month

We are Ascending at a RAPID pace and invite you to join us in this 5D Playground of limitless opportunity to Play, Create, be Abundant and live your most Joyful life!


NEMS has made ascension so easy and so powerful! NEMS is for people who want guidance and like-minded community, for those that have thirst for knowledge about things that are hidden from humanity, those who want quantum healing and whose top priority is ascension. Whenever I am feeling very triggered, heavy or suppressing emotions, the meditations in the meditation library have helped me heal a lot of my trauma and shift my frequency.


The cord cutting session at NEMS has been beyond belief. I have felt a very unconditionally loving heart space since joining. Amazingly powerful, it fully stopped my need to smoke, totally disappeared. Thank you for making the ceremony available for a lifetime. Looking forward to re-doing the next cord cutting session with different cords to cut. Wonderful tips ❤️


This event on the teachings of Thoth was incredible and shed so much light on what I already knew about manifestation. I have to watch it again and again to truly grasp the wisdom nuggets from this Teaching. Ever grateful for this.


I participated in the Angel Magick Ceremony at NEMS and I met my divine soulmate two days after. That was my intention. Mind is blown!!


So fucking grateful for your on point healings, guidance, love, care. I just finished the zero point healing at NEMS and WOOOOW!!! When Metatron came in I felt like a jolted in voltage of energies. I felt karma being released through my hips and I was flying in the heavens. So much love for you all 🪶🦅🏕🌹🌈❤️🤗😘🤩🌙


I am very grateful to Eldora & Siman for all your teachings, I have gained so much insight about my ascension and expansion of consciousness. The Angel Magick ceremony was felt up to my very core and soul.



How does my subscription to NEMS work?

Pay monthly, or yearly. Members get instant access to ALL past events in their membership tier. Members get instant access to our private NEMS Discord Community, where you get to connect with a warm and loving soul family of kindred spirits.

Once you become a Member, you will get an email within 12-24 hours with your USERNAME and PASSWORD to your Membership Wall where all events are posted. Events are broadcasted LIVE on Zoom Video (and rarely on Vimeo), with audience interaction. REPLAYS to all NEMS events are posted on your Membership Wall.

Can I share my membership with my spouse/ family members or do they need to purchase their own?

You may share your membership only with immediate family members living in your home such as a spouse or child.

What level of student is this mystery school for? I'm just beginning my spiritual journey - will this workshop be too advanced for me?

The New Earth Mystery School is recommended for ALL Starseeds & Lightworkers on their Awakening Path. It will benefit you tremendously, no matter what level of Spiritual awareness you are at, from BEGINNER to ADVANCED.

Each participant will unlock the keys that he or she is ready to unlock, irrespective of what stage of mastery you are currently traversing.

I'm in a different timezone/ what if I am not available during the transmission? Is it equally potent if I do the replay?

Yes, it is equally as potent no matter when you watch the replays. You will still receive all the Healing, Upgrades, and Activations from it.

How long do I have access to the NEMS content?

You will have access to ALL past and current content in your tier (silver or gold) for as long as your membership is active.

How do I join the NEMS members-only Discord community?

Visit 'My Account' on your Nems Page, click 'Connect with Discord'. You'll be then prompted to sign in or create a free and easy to use Discord account. You'll then be able to access the community and connect with Soulfam on pc or mobile, for as long as your membership is active. Only one Discord account per membership can be connected.

Can I cancel my membership at any time?

Yes, you may cancel your membership, without penalty, at ANYTIME, before your next billing date.

How do I Cancel my Membership?

Log in to your account and click on the ‘Members tab,’ ‘My Account’ and click on ‘My Membership’. On this page you will see your active subscription and you will find the option to ‘Cancel my Membership’. After this, no future payments will be deducted from your account.

What is your refund policy once I enroll as a member?

All sales are final. No exceptions. No Refunds. You may CANCEL your membership at any time without penalties, and once you cancel no future payments will be deducted. Inappropriate conduct can result in a membership being revoked at any time without refund.

Will the live events be recorded? Will members’ participation at the event be recorded?

Yes, each of our events is recorded so that we can provide a replay to members who could not join us LIVE. By having your camera turned on during the live Zoom Events, you confirm that you are ok being photographed and videoed in a group or individual setting, and that you RELEASE ALL RIGHTS to photos or videos which may be used for advertising purposes by NEMS or EldoRa & Siman on our social media. If you wish NOT to be photographed/ Videographed, you are responsible to ensure that your camera remains turned off at all times during our LIVE events.

What currency is used when shopping on this website?

The prices shown are in USD.


Message us if you have questions about upcoming events or if you are a professional facilitator looking to collaborate with us for NEW EARTH MYSTERY SCHOOL or in-person events. Due to the high volume of emails, we will only be responding to pertinent messages.

    Send us a message to set up a call or chat with a Member of our team!