Ascended Master Merlin: Opening Your Heart To Access Your Magic


The story of Merlin and Excalibur is a reminder to humanity to open our hearts, to remember who we are, and to reclaim our magic. Ascended Master Merlin came to our universe to teach magic, and to empower those who have lost touch with their hearts, and their Light. Magic is profoundly interwoven into our reality, and can be seen, felt, and known in your everyday life. An open heart is the path towards fully reclaiming your power and magic.



Merlin is a Powerful Wizard From an Alternate Universe


Merlin is an ascended master who specializes in magic. He is from a different universe and a beautiful ascended planet home to dragons, humanoids, and different beings. Merlin’s origins take us back before the creation of our own universe – think eons ago, beyond ancient. As a child, Merlin was known as Emeris. He was trained in magic by a dragon throughout his life and eventually traveled through universes completing initiations on different planets and becoming a very high frequency ascended master. Merlin’s frequency emanates from the 9th dimension.




The Story of King Arthur and Excalibur is A Beautiful Parable 


Merlin was asked to come to this universe to assist humanity, and incarnated on Earth about 1000 years ago in the times of King Arthur. His mission was to anchor the energies of magic into the grids of Earth. An agreement made when souls incarnate is that they are born with no knowledge about who they truly are, so Merlin was born on our planet forgetting who he is at the soul level.

The story of King Arthur and Excalibur provides us with a beautiful and powerful parable to live by. As the story goes, Merlin sets the Excalibur sword into stone, and casts a spell on it so that the only one who can remove it is one who has a pure heart.


To apply this story to make meaning in your life today, you can think about it like this:


King Arthur  — > Represents all of humanity. We are all royalty. We are all Unconditional Love


Excalibur  — > Represents the Power of Light & Magic


The Stone — > Represents the hardening of the human heart


The story helps to remind us all who we are, to open our hearts to love (love for oneself, and love for humanity). The magic and power of Light is accessed through the heart, and can be used for the good of humanity.



Merlin Teaches Different Kinds of Magic


One kind of magic that Merlin teaches is mind magic. This magic is the most simple because you don’t need any special tools or instruments. The magic that has been practiced on Earth is often done through elaborate rituals, but what we learn from mind magic is that all we need is our own powerful human nervous system to do magic. Another kind of magic that Merlin specializes in is quantum magic, which focuses on taking control of the energetic properties of ourselves and our world.


To learn more about accessing your magic, you are invited to take a journey to receive a transmission from Ascended Master Merlin – Merlin Excalibur Activation


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