KA Light Circuitry: Tapping Into Your Inherent Potential Through Pleiadian Lightwork


As humanity moves into Higher Consciousness, we all become aware of aspects of ourselves that we have been disconnected from for a very long time. One such aspect is our KA Light Circuitry which is our energy channels that connect us to Source Light in a powerful way. The Pleiadians are master Ka Lightworkers and are committed to providing humanity with healing modalities to help navigate Ascension with ease and grace.



KA Light Circuitry Provides Connection to Spirit


KA refers to the 6th Dimensional light body circuitry which flows through your chakras to provide your physical body with a constant supply of spiritual energy.


Your KA light circuitry is affected by all other aspects of your being, so emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual trauma causes blockages within your KA channels. With blocked KA channels, you may experience:

  • Lack of creativity
  • Low energy levels
  • Confusion
  • Feeling stuck in 3D density

On your Ascension journey, having a clear and activated KA light circuitry will enable you to move through the process with joy and ease as you raise your vibration and consciousness.




The Pleiadians – Our Kin


The Pleiadians are humanity’s ancient ancestors and distant cousins; they are an advanced race of beings who reside in the 5th, 6th, and 7th Dimensions. They have been working with humanity since time immemorial, and are here to assist us now as we transition into the 5D Age of Light. You can think of them as our kin and our allies, as they plan a key role in the evolution of humanity through a soul contract to aid in our Ascension.



Pleiadian Lightwork to Activate and Work with Your KA Light Body


Activating and clearing the KA light circuitry is the Pleiadians specialty. The Pleiadians transmit frequencies and attunements which will:

  • Activate dormant DNA
  • Heal you holistically (physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually) through quantum healing
  • Clear your field of lower density energies
  • Open up kundalini pathways to expand your connection to Spirit
  • Increase higher-self merging


In this incredible workshop, you will be introduced to Pleiadian Lightwork and offered extraordinary healing and also practical exercises to begin your journey of activating and working with your KA Light Circuitry – Pleiadian Light Body DNA Activation



KA Lightwork Will Heal Your Whole Being


A healthy KA Light Body stimulates healing releases for each aspect of your whole being.

Physically –  your Ka Light work will clear disease blueprints from your current and past lives.

Mentally – you will begin to identify and shift excessive and harmful thought patterns.

Emotionally – you will let go of all emotional baggage that was keeping you in a low vibration.

Spiritually – you will begin clearing blockages to allow more Source light into your being.

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